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A. Class Basic 

The Blade Master is the epitome of a Melee DPS class, specializing in high mobility and physical damage. They are renowned for their dueling prowess, capable of surviving even the most impossible odds with their vast array of skills.

  • Strengths: High DPS, have lots of AOE skills, and the class you can count on for continous  DPS in both PvE and PvP. 
  • Weakness: Like all melee classes, they are vulnerable to range attackers and require quick reflexes to avoid danger. The Blade Master has limited crowd control abilities, their abilities consumes a lot of mana, and requires a bit of skill to deal the most damage.  

Character Options: Male & Female 

B. Skills 

Skill Cost Description
Passive  Increases movement speed and jumping heights, slightly reduce incoming damage taken. 

MP: 0 

CD: 0s 

Ult meter: +2.7 

Berserker – AOE

Deals damage in an area to enemies in the front. 

MP: 8 

CD: 10s 

Ult meter: +2.7 

Hunting Light AOE 
Deals damage to enemies, give them the armor break debuff, and add an extra 20% damage.

MP: 18 

CD: 20s 

Ult meter: +9.6 

Shadow BreakerAOE 
Roots self and strikes 4 times at target direction, gains Invulnerability & crowd control immunity. 

MP: 9 

CD: 10s 

Ult meter: +6.0 

Storm Slash – AOE + Penetration 

Strikes target in the front. Causing them to receive a debuff that reduces their defence by 30%. 

MP: 20 

CD: 20s 

Ult meter: +14.0 

Rainstorm – AOE + Crowd Control 

Deals damage and stuns target. Also causes target to receive reduced healing. Re-activate the skills to jump to target and cause AOE damage.

MP: 13 

CD: 15s 

Ult meter: +4.5 

Life Hunt – Single Target + Crowd Control 

Dashes to target, stuns, removes 2 buffs on target. 

MP: 13 

CD: 20s 

Ult meter: +5.1 

Dusk Shade – Cleanse 

Cleanse and jump back, leaving a Clone to continue doing damage to the enemy. Re-activate to jump back to the clone’s position, dealing AOE damage 

MP: 1 

CD: 0s 

Ult meter: +4.8 

Airbender – AOE 

Deal damage to enemies in the front 

MP: 16 

CD: 20s 

Ult meter: +0.0 

Fighting Spirit – Buff 

Increases Crit Chance by 10% and Block for 12s 

MP: 15 

CD: 15s 

Ult meter: +10.4 

Qi Blade – Displacement 

  • Kicks enemies backward and if they hit anything on the way can stun them.  
  • Refreshes Life Hunt’s cooldown. 

MP: 28 

CD: 35s 

Ult meter: +1.2 

Bloodbath – Invulnerability 

Cleanse all defuff, reduce HP to 1, gain Invulnerability for 5s, dealt damage converted to HP. 

C. Ultimate  

Skill Cost Description


Ult meter: - 50 

CD: 15s 

Blade Rain - Silence + Crowd Control 

Deal damage and Silence target for 2s. 


Ult meter: - 50 

CD: 15s 

Lunar Slash - AOE + Buff 

Deal continuous damage, for the duration gain Crowd Control immunity, reduce incoming damage, increase attack speed. 


Ult meter: -100 

CD: 30s 

Divine Slash - Burst 

Store incoming damage, after 10s enemies takes 20% total damage you have received. 


Ult meter: - 100 

CD: 30s 

Vanity Splash - AOE + Crowd Control 

Deal damage and Stun gain Crowd Control immunity. 

Additionally, Blade Masters have 2 specializations, including: 

Valor: Focus on DPS 

    • Increase 5% Physical Damage 
    • Increase 5% Physical Hit Damage 
    • Increase 20% Critical Chance 
    • Increase 10% Damage against monster 

Vigor: Focus on Survivability 

    • Increase 10% Max HP 
    • Increase 10% Block chance
    • Increase 10% Block chance
    • Increase Aggro against monster, Hunting Light can apply additional aggro to monster 
    • Increase 30% reduce incoming damage from monster
    • Decrease 30% Damage against monster 



When building a character in Revelation: Infinite Journey, there is no right or wrong way. Players are highly encouraged to experiment and create a play style that fits them the bestBut for those who are more into the hardcore side of things, we recommend focusing on your chosen Class’s core attributes is the fastest way to rise to the top. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of our top build suggestions below.   

Legendary Engraving 

Amber Stone 

(Physical Damage) 

Mist Stone/Blood Stone

(Physical Defence)/(Elemental Resistance)

Spinel Stone 


Obsidian Stone 



Exotic Engraving 

Despair Stone 

(Physical Damage) 

Titan Stone/Sun Gazer Stone

(Physical Defence)/(Elemental Resistance)

Destruction Stone  


Sprint Stone 



Selecting the right Divinity is a crucial decision for your build in Revelation: Infinite Journey. Since the passive skills of the Divine Aspect are only active for the first two equipped slots, choosing wisely can make all the difference in your character build success. Experiment with a variety of Divine Aspects to get a feel for different play styles. Once you find the divinity that suits your play style, go ahead and invest more heavily in that particular Divinity. Below are some of our suggestions to get you started:   

Epic Divine Aspects  

Life Crystal 

(Health Regen) 

Spirit Crystal 


Heart Crystal 


Wisdom Crystal 


Legendary Divine Aspects 

Plum Heart 



(Cooldown Reduction) 

Imperial Wings 

(Damage & Healing) 





Clear mobs quickly with the use of skills like Bloodbath + Divine Splash which can help you survive any situation. Rely on your strength and pick specializations that reduce crowd control effects 

Skill Berserker, Storm Slash, Shadow Breaker, Hunting Light, Rainstorm, Bloodbath, Fighting Spirit 
Ultimate Vanity Splash + Divine Slash

Specialization: Vigor

Dauntless, Unyielding Blood, Unpredictable



As a formidable duelist, Blade Master can easliy dash, displace, and knock down targets. But when defeat is imminent, activate the skill Bloodbath to boost your chances of survival then use the Life Hunt + Qi Blade + Life Hunt combo to stun and displace your enemies while dealing massive damage. These powerful abilities at your disposal will easily gain you a reputation of being a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. 

Skill  Airbender, Storm Slash, Life Hunt, Dusk Shade, Qi Blade, Bloodbath, Rainstorm
Ultimate Lunar Slash + Vanity Splash

Specialization for PvP  



Specialization: Valor
Last Standing, Fighting Frenzy, Ripple Runner, Sharp & Swift.