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A. Class Basic

The Occultist is an incredibly versatile class, with a unique form-switching mechanic that allows them to seamlessly transition between Light and Dark forms. When switching forms, he Occultist unlocks a new set of skills that can be tailored to suit various situations and roles that they find themselves in. Though mastering this advanced class may prove challenging, those who successfully master the art of occultism for both the Light and Dark side shall become a fearsome foe or an invaluable ally to have. 

  • Strenghts: Versatile playstyle that is strong in both PvP and PvE, solo or in group. Lots of crowd controls and burst damage as well as moderate healing to help out your teammates. 
  • Weaknesses: They use too much mana and you have to keep track of a lot of skills and Cooldown to be abel to bring out their full potential. Those who choose to us ethis class need to master switching between playstyle to adjust their strategy on the fly. 

Options: Male & Girl

B. Skills

The primary skill of this class revolves around the ability to seamlessly switch between Light and Dark forms, giving them the ability use a versatile range of skills and abilities that they can use to effectively dominate any situation.  

Dark: Focus on DPS and attack.
Light: Focus on support using buffs and healings.

Below are all Occultist skills at level one. Players can upgrade these skills to get better results as they advance in their adventure  

Skill Cost Description
Passive Attacks have chance to leave a [Dark Soul] Mark on target that can be detonated for more damage when using Soul Harvest. 

MP: 1   

CD: 0s   

Ult meter: +9.9   

Soul Strike-Dark – Single Target 

Shoot a damaging projectile to the target.

MP: 0  

CD: 0s   

Ult meter: +3.3   

Soul Strike-Light – Single Target Heal 

Heal the target / ally with the lowest HP within range 


CD: 10s   

Ult meter: +14.4   

Soul Orb-Dark – Single Target + BUFF  

Fire damaging orbs at the enemies for 2s, each hit increases the damage taken by the target by 2%, max 5 stacks. 

MP: 12   

CD: 8s   

Ult meter: +14.4  

Soul Orb-Light – Single Target Heal + BUFF  

Fire healing orbs at allies for 2s, each hit increases healing value for target by 2%, max 5 stacks.  

MP: 9   

CD: 10s   

Ult meter: +5.5   

Soul Chaser-Dark – AOE 

Throw a damaging orb, damaging all enemies in target area on impact.  

MP: 8   

CD: 10s   

Ult meter: +5.5

Soul Chaser-Light – AOE Heal 

Throw a healing orb, healing all allies in target area on impact.  

MP: 9  

CD: 10s   

Ult meter: +3.9

Soul Realm-Dark – AOE  

Deal damange in target area for 5s, reduct Darkness Resistance by 100.

MP: 94   

CD: 10s   

Ult meter: +3.9 

Soul Realm-Light - AOE Heal 

Heal allies in target area for 5s.  

MP: 18   

CD: 20s   

Ult meter: +9.9

Soul Harvest – Burst 

Dash toward target, detonate all [Dark Soul] Mark, gain crowd control immunity during the effect. 

MP: 13   

CD: 15s   

Ult meter: +3.9  

Soul Chain-Dark – Control 

Deal damage and lock target in place for 3 second.  

MP: 15   

CD: 18s   

Ult meter: +3.9  

Soul Chain-Light – Incoming Damage Reduction 

Protect and lock ally in place for 3 second. Heal target ally for 300 HP after the effect ended

MP: 21 

CD: 25s   

Ult meter: +4.5 

Soul Mirror – BUFF / Cleanse 

Increase ATK and DEF for all allies within the area, cleanse any crowd control effect. 

MP: 16   

CD: 20s   

Ult meter: +1.2

Void Circulation-Dark – Displacement 

Switch place with enemy target. Increase damage for 3s. 

MP: 16   

CD: 20s   

Ult meter: +1.2

Void Circulation-Light – Displacement 

Switch place with target ally. Increase healing effectiveness by 30% for 3s and cleanse any crowd control effect on target ally as well as give them incoming damage reduction. 

MP: 21   

CD: 20s   

Ult meter: +18.7 

Soul Departure – HP Drain 

Drain enemies and heal self for 3s 

MP: 25   

CD: 30s   

Ult meter: +3.9

Twilight Thoughts – BUFF 

Increase ATK, gain 30% movement speed, 20% damage against monsters.  

MP: 22 

CD: 25s   

Ult meter: +8  

Siege of Reincarnation – C.C Immunity 

Immune to all crowd control, increase Physical Defence, Elemental Resistance, take 40% less damage from monsters. 

C. Ultimate 

Skill Cost Description


Ult meter: - 50 

CD: 15s 

Night Grip – Crowd Control 

Stun enemies causing Dark damage. 


Ult meter: - 50 

CD: 15s 

Nirvana Dome – Invulnerability 

Heal target ally or ally with lowest HP in area. During effect duration convert all incoming damage to HP for ally. 


Ult meter: -100 

CD: 30s 

Soul Silencer – Burst 

Deal damage in a fan shape area, stun enemies caught in the area.


Ult meter: - 100 

CD: 30s

Soul Fuser – HP drain 

Heal self and cause damage overtime in an area around self. 

Additionally, Occultists have 2 specializations, including: 

Cursed: Focus on DPS

  • Penetrate 10% of target defence 
  • Increase 10% Elemental Damage
  • Increase 10% damage to monsters 

Sacred: Focus on Support 

  • Increase 5% healing effectiveness 
  • Increase 5% incoming damage reduction 
  • Increase 5% accuracy and evasion for self and allies


When building a character in Revelation: Infinite Journey, there is no right or wrong way. Players are highly encouraged to experiment and create a play style that fits them the bestBut for those who are more into the hardcore side of things, we recommend focusing on your chosen Class’s core attributes is the fastest way to rise to the top. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of our top build suggestions below.  


Occultist is a class that constantly switches between attacking enemies and buffing allies. Below is our recommendations for the gem engraving that will enhance the Occultist’s playstyle: 

Legendary Engraving 

Lazurite Stone 

(Elemental Damage) 

Mist Stone/Blood Stone

(Physical Defence)/(Elemental Resistance)

Heart Stone 


Obsidian Stone 



Exotic Engraving 

Falling Star Stone 

(Elemental Damage) 

Titan Stone/Sun Gazer Stone

(Physical Defence)/(Elemental Resistance)

Chaos Stone 


Taintless Stone 



Selecting the right Divinity is a crucial decision for your build in Revelation: Infinite Journey. Since the passive skills of the Divine Aspect are only active for the first two equipped slots, choosing wisely can make all the difference in your character build success. Experiment with a variety of Divine Aspects to get a feel for different play styles. Once you find the divinity that suits your play style, go ahead and invest more heavily in that particular Divinity. Below are some of our suggestions to get you started:  

Epic Divine Aspects 

Valor Crystal 


Tear Crystal 

(Incoming Damage Reduction) 

Wisdom Crystal 


Spirit Crystal 


Legendary Divine Aspects 

Imperial Wings 

(Damage & Healing) 


(Cooldown Reduction) 



Dark Mirror 

(Damage & Healing)



Occultist have many skills that increase damage against monsters and AOE skills. This makes them an invaluable asset in raids and dungeons where group combat is key. Below are some of our suggestions: 

Recommended Playstyle: AOE + Buff 

Skill [Soul Strike + Soul Orb-Dark], Soul Chaser, Soul Realm, Soul Harvest, Soul Mirror, Twilight Thoughts. 
Ultimate Soul Silencer, Soul Fuser 

Specialization: Cursed 

Rising Sun, Soul, Time Walker, Darkness Surge 



For a class with so many skills, it is hard to recommend a single skill set that fit every situation. Below are our suggestion but if you to master this class, you should try out all the different skills combinations to find which combination of skills fit you. 

Recommended Playstyle: Versatility 

Skill [Soul Strike + Soul Orb-Dark], Soul Realm, Soul Harvest, Soul Mirror, Void Circulation-Dark, Twilight Thoughts / Siege of Reincarnation. 
Ultimate Night Grip, Nirvana Dome, Soul Silencer, Soul Fuser

Specialization: Sacred

Rising Sun, Soul Fragment Harvest, Soul Blast
Specialization for PvP Soul Absorption / Group Protection

C. 1 vs 1

Depending on which class you are up against, Occultists have the ability to adjust their playstyle quickly. They can switch from buffing themselves to stunning enemies and deal burst after burst of damage through Dark Soul Stack detonation. Below are our suggested skills for a balanced playstyle: 

Recommended Playstyle: DPS + Crowd Control

Skill [Soul Strike + Soul Orb-Dark], Soul Realm, Soul Harvest, Soul Mirror, Soul Departure, Siege of Reincarnation.
Ultimate Night Grip, Soul Silencer

Specialization: Cursed

Reality Integration, Soul Fragment Harvest, Darkness Surge 
Specialization for PvP Deity Protection