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A. Class Basic  

The Paladin is a bastion of strength and is the protector of their teammates. They specialize in absorbing damage and engaging enemies with their crowd control abilities, setting the pace of any fight While they may not deal as much burst damage as other DPS classes, Paladins are essential members of any winning team formation, thanks to their defensive buffs and support capabilities. 

  • Strengths: Easy for beginners, hard to burst down, can support teammates with defensive buffs and crowd control enemies. 
  • Weaknesses: This class shines best in a team, alone they may struggle to out-DPS other Classes, and may have more difficulties doing solo content. 

B. Skills 

Below are all Paladin skills at level one. Players can upgrade these skills to get better results as they advance in their adventure.





Incoming Damage reduction, increase teammates' Ult Meter gain. 

MP: 1 

CD: 0s  

Ult meter: +3.5 

Cleave - AOE 

Deal damage to surrounding targets. 

MP: 15 

CD: 12 

Ult meter: +5.2  


Deal Lightning Damage, and receive a Buff that increases DPS and Defense. 

MP: 13 

CD: 12 

Ult meter: +18.7  

Whirling BladeAOE 

Attack in a fan shape area. 


MP: 16 

CD: 18 

Ult meter: +6.0  

Earthly Arrival - Control 

Jump to target, causing them to fall down and receive Incoming Healing Reduction. 


MP: 16 

CD: 20 

Ult meter: +1.2  

Glowing ShieldDMG Reduction 

Receive a temporary shield, and absorb incoming damage. 

MP: 7 

CD: 8 

Ult meter: +3.9  

Flying Thunder Aggro 

Throw a shield to the target, decease the target’s movement speed, and cause the target to aggro the player. 

MP: 24 

CD: 30 

Ult meter: +1.2  

Shattering ShoutControl Immunity 

Gain temporary crowd control immunity, and increase attack and defence for the duration. 

MP: 15 

CD: 12 

Ult meter: +18.0  


Deal AOE damage, gain crowd control immunity and incoming damage reduction for the duration. 

MP: 22 

CD: 20 

Ult meter: +17.7  

Thunder PoolControl 

Aggro nearby enemies, deal damage over time and slow them. 

MP: 13 

CD: 15 

Ult meter: +4.8  

Dragon’s GripControl 

Deal damage and pull the target closer, the further the target the more damage dealt. Stun target temporarily 

MP: 13 

CD: 15 

Ult meter: +14.4  


Deal damage in front of the character and cause them to receive incoming healing reduction. 

C. Ultimate





CD: 15s  

Ult meter: -50 

Lock & ShackleControl  

For 1 second, gain crowd control immunity. At the end of the skill, pull enemies toward self and stun them. 


CD: 15s 

Ult meter: -50 

Thunder ChargeControl  

Charge toward and stun enemies dealing massive damage and decrease incoming healing. 


CD: 30s  

Ult meter: -100  


Deal massive damage in an area, stun and decrease incoming healing for enemies. 


CD: s  

Ult meter: -100  

HelixDMG Reduction 

Deal damage overtime, greatly decrease damage taken. 

Additionally, Paladins have 2 specialization, including: 

      • Earth: Focus on survivability
      • Increase 15% Max HP 
      • Increase 10% Defence 
      • Increase 10% Damage Reduction 
      • Increase 30% Damage Reduction from monsters 
      • Decrease 30% Damage toward monsters 

    • Thunder: Focus on DPS
    • Increase 5% Attack 
    • Increase 20% Physical Damage 
    • Increase 10% Damage toward monsters 
    • Decrease monsters' aggro and will not apply aggro when Storm Slash 


When building a character in Revelation: Infinite Journey, there is no right or wrong way. Players are highly encouraged to experiment and create a play style that fits them the bestBut for those who are more into the hardcore side of things, we recommend focusing on your chosen Class’s core attributes as the fastest way to rise to the top. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of our top build suggestions below.


Legendary Engraving 

Amber Stone 

(Physical Damage) 

Mist Stone/ Blood Stone 

(Physical Defence)/ (Elemental Resistance) 

 Heart Stone 


Crystal Stone 

(Incoming Damage Reduction) 

Exotic Engraving 

Despair Stone 

(Physical Damage) 

Titan Stone/ Sun Gazer Stone 

(Physical Defence)/ (Elemental Resistance) 

Chaos Stone 

(Healing Effectiveness) 

Taintless Stone 



Selecting the right Divinity is a crucial decision for your build in Revelation: Infinite Journey. Since the passive skills of the Divine Aspect are only active for the first two equipped slots, choosing wisely can make all the difference in your character build success. Experiment with a variety of Divine Aspects to get a feel for different play styles. Once you find the divinity that suits your play style, go ahead and invest more heavily in that particular Divinity. Below are some of our suggestions to get you started

Epic Divine Aspects  

Life Crystal 

(Health Regen) 

Tear Crystal 

(Incoming Damage Reduction) 

Tough Crystal 

(Incoming Damage Reduction) 

Valor Crystal 


Legendary Divine Aspects 


(Health Regen) 

Dark Tide 

(Cooldowns Reduction) 

Imperial Wings 






Paladins are essential members of any dungeons and raids, serving as the leader and main tank. They control the pace of the fight by drawing enemy aggro and soaking up damage for their teammates To ensure they survive the encounter, Paladins rely on a range of defensive skills that enhance their survivability. 

Recommended Playstyle: Main Tank + Sub DPS 

Skills  [Cleave + Thunderclap], Earthly Arrival, Swipe, Shattering Shout, Flying Thunder 
Ultimate  Glimmer, Thundercharge 

Specialization: Earth 

Iron Armor + Blue Blood Heart/Shield Block + Morale Blow + Resurrection  


Although Paladins are primarily a tank class, they're far from passive. In PvP, their crowd control and debuff abilities make them valuable members of any team formation. 

Recommended Playstyle: Main Tank + Crowd Control 

Skills  [Cleave + Thunderclap], Earthly Entrance, Shattering Shout, Glowing Shield, Thunder Pool, Dragon’s Grip 
Ultimates  Helix, Lock & Shackle/Thundercharge 

Specialization: Earth 

Shield Block + Iron Armor 
Specialization for PVP  Iron Blood Heavyweight 

1 VS 1

When facing different classes in 1v1, Paladins need to adapt their build to suit the circumstances. To become more familiar with their skills and capabilities, we recommend trying out different strategies in combat. Below is one of our suggested build in order to prioritize damage: 

Skills  [Cleave + Thunderclap], Whirling Blade, Flying Thunder, Thunder Pool, Dragon‘s Grip, Linebreaker 
Ultimates  Glimmer, Lock & Shackle 

Specialization: Thunder 

Thunder Power + Sword, Spear, Sword, Halberd + Desperation 
Specialization for PVP  Holy Dragon’s Grip