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Spirit Shaper


A. Class Basic 

As the primary healing class in Revelation, Spirit Shapers hold the power to decide the fate of their allies in battle. While primarily a support class, Spirit Shapers can also be formidable opponents in 1v1 encounters thanks to their constant self-healing and debuffs. 

  • Strenghts: Simple playstyle, suitable for more laid back gamers. As a healing class, Spirit Shapers are always in high demand, making it easier to find teammates. The class's AOE heal is a valuable asset, allowing for efficient healing of multiple allies at once. 
  • Weakness: The primary role of a Spirit Shaper is to keep their teammates alive. As such, DPS is not their main focus. They may need to team up with other players for harder challenges. In group PvP, Spirit Shapers are often targeted first by the enemy team due to their critical role in keeping their allies alive. 

Appearance: Girl & Female 

B. Skills 

Skill Cost Description
Passive  Spirit Shaper can resurrect both self and allies. 

MP: 2 

CD: 0s 

Ult meter: +7.8 

Spring Breeze – Single Target Heal 

Heal self / allies, when targeting allies, Spirit Shaper also received 20% of healing amount.

MP: 1 

CD: 0s 

Ult meter: +4.2 

Spirit Wings – AOE 

Your auto-attack deal Spirit Damage for the target and nearby enemies. 

MP: 9 

CD: 12s 

Ult meter: +5.6 

Leaping Fish – AOE 

Summon a dolphin that deal Cold Damage in a area for 5s. 

MP: 13 

CD: 15s 

Ult meter: +3.9 

Flapping Crane – Crowd Control 

Shoot your Spirit Wings torward enemies, stuns and damage them. This skills can bounce 6 times between nearby targets. 

MP: 7 

CD: 8s 

Ult meter: +4.4 

Fireflies – Single Target 

Summon a Fireflies Chick to attack enemies for 10s. 

MP: 17 

CD: 15s 

Ult meter: +19.5 

Cold Dew – Single Target Heal 

Heal self / allies, when targeting allies, Spirit Shaper also received 20% of healing amount. 

MP: 8 

CD: 8s 

Ult meter: +6 

Green Vine – AOE Heal 

Heal self and allies in target area. 

MP: 18 

CD: 15s 

Ult meter: +21.5 

Thousand Forms – Single Target 

Gain immunity to crowd control for the duration and MP drain effect. Activate again for massive damage.

MP: 13 

CD: 13s 

Ult meter: +6 

Spirit Armor – Cleanse 

Remove debuff for self and allies, also give them a temporary shield. 

MP: 25 

CD: 35s 

Ult meter: +6.5

Blooming Heart – BUFF 

Increase crowd control resistance, ATK and Healing Effectiveness. 

MP: 21 

CD: 25s 

Ult meter: +36 

Spiritualization – Crowd Control Immunity 

Turn into a spirit fox, gain immunity to crowd control, reduce incoming damage and 50% increased movement speed. 

C. Ultimate 

Skill Cost Description


CD: 15s 

Ult meter: -50 

Waving Banners – Single Target Heal 

Massive single target heal, excess amount will be converted into a shield. 


CD: 15s 

Ult meter: -50 

Spirit Weaver – Crowd Control 

Turn target into a spirit fox for 3s. 


CD: 30s 

Ult meter: -100 

Rage Howl– Burst 

Summon the spirit of the Great Ape and deal damage to all enemies in target area. 


CD: 30s 

Ult meter: -100 

Soul Harmony– AOE Heal 

All healing and incoming damage is spreadout evenly among all allies for 5s. 

Additionally, Spirit Shapers have 2 specialization, including 

  • Natura: Focus on survivability
  • Increase 15% Healing effectiveness. 
  • Increase 10% Max HP. 
  • Increase 10% Max HP. 

  • Anima: Focus on dealing damage
  • Increase 15% Elemental Damage 
  • Increase 15% Elemental Damage 
  • Decrease 50% Healing Effectiveness 


When building a character in Revelation: Infinite Journey, there is no right or wrong way. Players are highly encouraged to experiment and create a play style that fits them the best – But for those who are more into the hardcore side of things, we recommend focusing on your chosen Class’s core attributes is the fastest way to rise to the top. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of our top build suggestions below.  


Spirit Shapers excel at keeping their allies alive in battles as a healing class. Engravings that enhance buffs, armor, or HP are ideal, as well as items or gear that increase healing power. 

Legendary Engraving 

Lazurite Stone 

(Elemental Damage) 

Mist Stone/Blood Stone 

(Physical Defence)/(Elemental Resistance)

Heart Stone 


Obsidian Stone 


Exotic Engraving 

Falling Star Stone 

(Elemental Damage) 

Titan Stone/Sun Gazer Stone 

(Physical Defence)/(Elemental Resistance)

Chaos Stone 


Taintless Stone 



Selecting the right Divinity is a crucial decision for your build in Revelation: Infinite Journey. Since the passive skills of the Divine Aspect are only active for the first two equipped slots, choosing wisely can make all the difference in your character build success. Experiment with a variety of Divine Aspects to get a feel for different play styles. Once you find the divinity that suits your play style, go ahead and invest more heavily in that particular Divinity. Below are some of our suggestions to get you started:     

Epic Divine Aspects 

Valor Crystal 


Tear Crystal 

(Incoming Damage Reduction) 

Wisdom Crystal 


Spirit Crystal 


Legendary Divine Aspects 

Imperial Wings 

(Damage & Healing) 


(Cooldown Reduction) 



Dark Mirror 

(Damage & Healing) 



As a crucial member of any PvE team, Spirit Shapers play a vital role in spreading out damage and providing powerful AOE healing that can greatly aid allies in dealing with difficult bosses. 

Skill [Fireflies+ Spirit Wings/Spring Breeze], Leaping Fish, Flapping Crane, Green Vine, Spirit Armor, Blooming Heart 
Ultimate Soul Harmony, Waving Banners



Natural Balance, Berserk Vines, Flourish 



In PvP, Spirit Shapers are often targeted first, so positioning and cooldown management are crucial for survival. The ability to heal and buff their teammates can give them a significant advantage, so staying alive is paramount. 

Skill [Fireflies+ Spirit Wings/Spring Breeze], Flapping Crane, Green Vine, Spirit Armor, Thousand Forms, Spiritualization 
Ultimate Soul Harmony, Spirit Weaver/ Rage Howl


Natural Balance, Ethereal & Elegant, Berserk Vines, Flourish
Specialization for PvP Specialization for PvP

C. 1 vs 1

Hit & Run tactic is your best bet since you does not out damage the other classes. Use your debuff, crowd control, draining your opponent’s MP and healing to stall the fight out and wither the enemy’s defence gradually.

Due to its lower damage compared to other classes, Spirit Shaper is best suited for hit and run tactics in combat. With its debuffs, crowd control abilities, and healing skills, Spirit Shapers can stall out the fight and gradually weaken the enemy's defense. 

Skill [Fireflies+ Spirit Wings/Spring Breeze], Leaping Fish, Flapping Crane, Green Vine, Thousand Forms, Spiritualization
Ultimate Spirit Weaver, Rage Howl

Specialization: Anima

Natural Balance, Ethereal & Elegant, Distance Advantage, Firefly Rage
Specialization for PvP Angry Birds