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Dear lovely Adventurers, 

 Xiao Yu wants to present to everyone an introduction to all the classes available in Revelation today. The purpose of this is to assist adventurers in selecting the most appropriate class for themselves. By providing a summary of each class's features, adventurers can identify which one aligns with their playstyle, ensuring they can thoroughly enjoy their adventures in Cloudsong. So, let's dive in! 

I. Classes

Swordmage - Magic Attack

A nuker with long range DPS, who accounts for the main damage outcome of the team, but have low survival ability. Swordmage is most suitable for Adventurers who prefer dealing damage with distance from enemies. However, Swordmage skill requires large amounts of MP consumption and having lengthy CDs; thus, they have to be aware of their position to avoid being invaded by enemies. Difficulty: 4 star. 

Appearance: Female & Male

Paladin - Physical Attack

A melee class, a Tanker with high survival ability, Sub DPS, and most suitable for players who want to protect others and have high responsibility. Although Paladin is easy for beginners to play, they may have some disadvantages in PvP because of their low output in damage. Difficulty: 4 star. 

Appearance: Male & Girl

Spirit Shaper - Magic Attack

A long-range healer with high survival ability, Spirit Shaper is the doctor of the team, having a simple playstyle but in PvP, they easily become the main target of enemies due to their critical role in the team. Difficulty: 3 star. 

Appearance: Female & Girl

Blade Master - Physical Attack

The Blade Master is a melee class that possesses significant physical damage and excellent mobility. This class is ideal for players who enjoy fighting across a broad area. However, playing as a Blade Master requires a high degree of flexibility and quick reflexes to stay alive in combat and take out important enemies on the opposing team. Difficulty: 5 star.  

Appearance: Male & Female

Occultist - Magic Attack

The Occultist is the most versatile class in Revelation, having the ability to function both as a long-range sub-dps and a healer. It possesses two distinct forms: Dark and Light, allowing players to customize their skills for each situation. Occultists are highly sought after in both PvE and PvP scenarios due to their versatility. However, despite their flexibility, they are challenging for beginners to master as they require proficiency in switching between and selecting skills from the two forms. Difficulty: 5 star. 

Appearance: Male & Girl

II. Character Creation

1. Introduction

When joining a MMORPG, character customization is one of the essential parts. When it comes to Revelation, facial sculpting has been optimized to the fullest so that Adventurers can unleash their creativity. Furthermore, Adventurers can completely create the face of their idol in Revelation or create a unique face and share it with those around them. 

Facial Features

2. Guidance

2.1 Selecting Appearance

After selecting classes, you will have to choose your appearance. Each of the classes will have their own appearance. In Revelation, there are 3 appearances: Male, Female, and Girl. 

2.2 Character Customization

A. Facial Shaping

Adventurers can adjust the facial features of their character such as Forehead, Brows, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears. 

Adjust Left, Right, Up, Down, Front, or Back to create your own character

b. Makeup and Hairstyle

Adventurers can select any makeup and hairstyle that suits their taste the most.

Many makeup layouts are waiting for you to try out~ 

Various hairstyle for all appearance 

Players can also adjust the color of their hair by using the Ombre and Highlight function.

After you’re done with your customizations, click “Start” to begin your journey~ 

3.1 Overviewing your character

After completing the facial sculpting for your character, you can preview and select costumes and actions to check and see whether you are satisfied or not. If you are satisfied, click "Start" to start exploring the Cloudsong Continent.  

3.2 Save Code

You can save your character code in order to re-use and re-load your character customization settings next time by tapping the “Camera” icon on the upper right corner.   

Click "Save" to download the code

Xiao Yu has provided some guidance on the selection and development of characters, and hopes that this article will be beneficial to you in some way. Wishing you a pleasant experience during your time at Cloudsong, and best of luck!