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Dear Adventurers, 

Xiao Yu is aware that it might be difficult for the Adventurers to navigate through the Cloudsong continent, especially since this is your first time visiting. To make sure you don't feel too overwhelmed on their first day, Xiao Yu has offered to guide you through each step. So, let's get started! 

1. Creating Characters

    First things first, you have to create your characters that go along with you throughout your journey. 

    2. Completing all the main story

      The narrative in MMO games holds significant importance in shaping the player's experience. At Revelation, as you start your journey, you will be presented with several opportunities to uncover stories about different aspects of the game world, ranging from your own personal story to those of the non-playable characters. In addition to the main storyline, there are numerous sub-stories and hidden endings waiting to be discovered, providing you with even more exciting and engaging gameplay. 

      Main Quests

      3. Complete all of the quest in Lesson 1

        Lessons in Academy is one of the critical parts that enable adventurers to catch up the momentum of the game. Taking the time to complete Lesson 1 can significantly aid players in comprehending the gameplay mechanics within the game. These lessons are essential for players to not only catch up but also to excel in their journey within Revelation. 


        4. Complete all the Events

          In short, Events is basically the daily mission that requires players to complete in order to increase battle rating and in-game resources.  

          Events that are required for the Adventurers to complete 

          5. Understand your classes

            In Revelation, having good skills and equipment is crucial for players to progress on their journey. It's important to note that poor equipment may hinder your performance in both PvP and PvE events. It's recommended to spend some time looking up information and finding ways to improve your battle rating to ensure success in battles.

            6. Unlock 4 vital skills

              During complete adventure quest, players can unlock 4 skills in Logbook. Unlocking more adventuring skill will help players acquire a camera to capture many beautiful scenes in Cloud Song and also other useful features. Explorers should make the most of these skills. 

              7. Traveling around the Cloudsong Continent

                After finishing all the sections above, adventurers can travel around the map to explore and capture beautiful scenes. Also, adventurers may discover tons of chests that are hidden everywhere.

                Chests lying everywhere

                Tree of Fate

                Xiao Yu has already introduced to you what should be done on Day 1. Hope you enjoy your journey in the world of Revelation! Good luck!