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3-Star Ultimate Skills  


Are you an Adventurer looking to increase your Battle Rating? Look no further! Allow Xiao Yu to introduce to you a powerful new feature that will not only boost your Battle Rating but also expand your skill options: the 3 Star Ultimate Skills! 


The 3 Star Ultimate skill system has a common charactertistic: it requires a longer cooldown time of 45 seconds and consumes roughly 150 Charge of Ultimate. This feature provides Adventurers with a significant advantage in both PVP and PVE battles, making it a valuable addition to your arsenal. Plus, the 3 Star Ultimate's stunning visual effects are sure to impress! 

3 Star Ultimate Interface 


3 Star Ultimate of each class 



Ignorant Inferno - AOE   

Randomly select enemies within a 15-meter range and unleash a powerful fire blast that deals damage to them.   


Colorless Frost - AOE  

Create a snowstorm within a 9-meter radius that inflicts water damage on enemies and has a 35% chance to freeze them.   



Heaven Sword-Sky Slash - Brust  


Leaps into the air and slams the ground, dealing massive amount of DMG and becomes Invincible for 3s. 


Heart Sword- Perdition - AOE  

Shields self with Heart Sword for 3s, absorbing 30% of the casters max HP. When the shield ends, deal massive damage to enemies within 5m.    

Spirit Shaper  


Universal Blessing - BUFF  

After chanting, grant one teammate an Endurance buff and 50% damage reduction for 10 minutes; also restores nearby teammates’ HP every 2s, HP Restoration is double for main target. 


Leaf Dance - BUFF  

Channel for 5 seconds to gain Endurance and heal surrounding allies while stunning enemies for 1s.  



Jump Strike- Invincible  

Leaps into the sky and enters Invincible state. Cast the skill again within 5s to land and deal damage to enemies within range, knocking them out for 3s.   


Raging Torrent- AOE  

Summons sword formation that deals continuous damage to enemies in front; immune to all control effects.   



Thunder Realm - Control  

Creates a 5-meter barrier that lasts for 10s. Allies within the barrier gain 60% DMG Reduction. Enemies that come into contact with the barrier takes damage and are stunned for 2s. 


Punisher - AOE  

Targets an enemy and after 2s, deals damage to enemies within 3-meters and causes an additional True Damage of 5% of target’s lost HP.   



Enlightenment - BUFF  

Transforms into a Deity of Light, gaining access to 3 skills: Deity Glow, Divine Constitution, Departed Vim. 


Corruption - AOE  

Transforms into a Shura of Dark, increasing 50% movement speed and gaining access to 3 skills: Shura Cannon, Shura’s Spite, and Departed Vim. 


Xiao Yu has introduced to you guys all the essential details about the 3 Star Ultimate for each class. Xiao Yu hopes that with this article, Adventurers can fully enjoy their journey at Revelation! Xiao Yu wishes all of you the best!