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Soul Breeder  


Dear fellow Adventurers, 

If you are the type of player who enjoys taking part in PVP events at Revelation, you will certainly like this new feature which will enable you to boost your battle rating points – this is a key into becoming stronger and deafening other players with ease – via Soul Breeder. Let’s tag along with Xiao Yu as he explains! 


  1. Introduction 

Soul Breeder together with Enlightenment, Practice, and Divinity are part of the “Build” feature. The Soul Breeder system includes Patterns that you need to unlock by activating the Eye. Once unlocked, you can acquire the power of the holy patterns. The Soul Breeder is divided into 4 Patterns which contain 8 Eyes, 3 Seals and 9 Passes. Each Seals is attached to 3 Passes.  


The amount of Passes that are attached to Seals i sdecided by the quality of Divinity. 

  • Rare Divinity can activate 1 Pass 
  • Epic Divinity can activate 2 Passes 
  • Legendary Divinity can activate up to 3 Passes   


Players can only progress to the next Pattern if they can meet its requirements.

Soul Breeder Interface 

  1. Soul Breeder Cultivation 

When you reach the Xuanwu chapter, you can cultivate Eyes and Passes by using Nimbus Coupon or Soul Breeder Crystals. While the item Soul Breeder Elixir is needed to to activate the affiliates Passes of Legendary Divinity.  


In the Baihu Chapter, Eyes and some of Passes are cultivated by using Nimbus Coupon, Soul Breeder Crystal - Baihu or Soul Cores. While Soul Breeder Elixir and Soul Breeder Sky Elixir will be used for cultivating affiliate Passes of Legendary Divinity.  


Eyes and affiliate Passes should be unlocked and ungraded to gain Soul Breeder Attributes. Eyes can also activate the Pattern’s attribute when it is upgraded to a certain level.

Soul Breeder Cultivation
Placing Divinity
  1. Soul Breeder Smelting  

When players reach a certain level, the Smelting Soul Breeder feature will be activated. Players will be able to use Soul Crystal and other Soul Breeder items. During smelting, there is also a chance to get double the items if you are lucky.

  1. Overview  

Click “Overview” to keep track of the overall attributes of each Pattern

Now that Xiao Yu has shared a quick introduction of the Soul Breeder system, he is certain that every adventurer now has a good idea of the benefits of the Soul Breeder system. See for yourself how nice this game feature is by checking it out at Revelation: Infinite Journey!