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Any adventurer, no matter how strong they are, will have to eat one day. As you progress on your journey, keep an eye out for ingredients, and try experimenting with them to create amazing dishes. Being a Chef in Revelation will enable you to learn recipes and cook them into valuable consumable items that can enhance your combat power. And be careful not to eat too much without exercise! ;) 



Chef has 4 active skills: 

  • Freestyle: Cook dishes based on collected recipes or make your own dish by combining various ingredients with each other. 
  • Banquet: Summon a banquet with tons of food options for the whole party to enjoy, giving them temporary buffs. This skill is always a great source of support when you engage in either PvP or PvE. 

A Banquet for the Team

  • Food Serving: Serve food directly to target teammates, just don’t feed them too much. 

Say "Ahh..."

  • Crafting: Create a grill when in combat, and increase self and nearby allies’ attributes.

Beachside BBQ at night


Outside of the 4 main active skills, a Chef also has a variety of passive skills that they can choose from. Below are 4 notable passive skills that we recommend. 

  • Ingredients Hunt: After defeating an enemy, Increase your chance to get Ingredients. 
  • Hestia‘s Feast: Unlocks higher-level dishes and increases buff values when consuming food. 
  • Happy Foodie: Increase food buff duration. 
  • Fire God: Increase ATK and Fire Resistance. 


Prepare Ingredients 

You can find ingredients either from Life Skills or the Market. 

  • Life Skill: You can unlock these skills while you are on your journey in the world. Learn wood cutting to get firewood, and learn fishing to catch fish and shrimp. Explore Revelation to level up your Life Skill and get access to valuable ingredients. Start learning by locating the tab Social > Life Skill.  

  • Market: Don’t worry about locating all the ingredients, we don’t expect you to find all of it by yourself, this is an MMO after all. Head to the Market and shop for Ingredients that other players have put on sale here. You can also sell your own Ingredients on the market for some quick cash. Kaching!

For players who don't want to grind for everything

Ingredients checks, next step you must get yourself a kitchen. In Revelation, you will be able to “borrow” the kitchen of an NPC, this is what we advise for new players. Once you become a high-level Chef, you can make your own cooking station, that can also provide various buffs related to cooking. Available Buffs given by a cooking station also depend on its level.  

I'm sure the owner won't mind

Start Cooking

You can either follow in-game recipes or just slap ingredients together and hope for the best. If you choose to follow in-game recipes, start by finding the right ingredients, and you are sure on what type of dish you will get. These will usually grant HP, MP and Buff for a specific duration. The buffs/effects you get from your dishes grows as you create higher level food. 

Following the recipes

Making your own dish will require much experimentation, however, those may result in some very powerful combinations that can greatly improve your gameplay. Try talking to NPCs to get some insider tips and share their knowledge with other players!

Preparing a dish, I hope it's edible >.<

When you discover new recipes, it will appear in your recipe hand book and will be added to the list of cook able dishes the next time you perform cooking. 

Experiment and find all the dishes!

A Cooking History, so you don't forget recipes


Beginner Dishes: 

  • Seafood Braised Rice: Fish  + Rice + Salt  
  • Seafood Stewed Noodles: Fish + Wheat  + Salt
  • Staeon Marinated Pork Rice: Pork + Rice + Salt 
  • Sour Soup Rawhisker Thin Noodles: Chicken + Wheat + Spice  + Vinegar 


Being a Chef is not easy but is extremely rewarding. You will be able to supply your teammates with valuable Buff, gain an additional way to make money by trading your amazing dishes, plus you will also get this cute Chef outfit! All this talk is making Xiao Yu hungry

Chef’s Outfit 

That’s all for this Job Guide. See you in Revelation and I hope you will let me taste your wonderful dishes!