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Are you a music lover who enjoys moving to all sorts of music? Look no further! With Revelation, you can immerse yourself music and become a dancer extraordinaire. Learn a wide range of dance moves and use them to create your very own unique performances. Collaborate with other players to form a flashmob in-game and show off your skills to the world. Ready to hit the dance floor? Come join us in Revelation!



  • Dance: Get your groove on with pre-made choreography. 
  • Choreograph: Unleash your creativity and design your own dance routines by combining dance moves you learned
  • Teaching Guide: Lead the way and guide others to follow your own moves. This is perfect for large group performances or for teaching others how to dance. 

Show off your skills to others

  • Inspiration: Summon a cheerleader bear to boost your teammates' defense by reducing incoming damage by 1.5%. This effect lasts for 5 minutes. 
  • Manufacture: Use crafting to create Dance Books and Dance Bear plushies, which can assist players in adding extra flair to their dance performances. Additionally, these items can be used as gifts or to boost combat stats. As for Dance Books, you can record your entire dance routine and sell it to those who are interested in learning your choreography. 
Dancing with bears


Outside of their main active skills, a Dancer also has a variety of passive skills that they can choose from. Below are 5 notable passive skills that we recommend.

  • Cutie: Unlocks cute dance moves 
  • Choreography Mastery: Allows free-form combination of dance moves to create unique dance routines 
  • Physical Control: Increases maximum choreography length to 80 seconds 
  • Sexy Awakening: Players can learn various seductive dance moves with different styles 
  • Spirit Command: Increases Spirit Resistance and Battle Rating 


Collect Dance Moves

  • Expand your Dancing skills 
  • Consult NPCs with the Dancing profession 
  • Receive guidance from other players 

For specific details on each dance move, you can click on “Menu” > “Journal” >  “Catalog” > “Dance Illustrations” > “How to Unlock”, to see how to unlock that particular move. 

Click "How to Unlock" for more details

Pick Background Music

Once you've learned a set of dance moves, it's time to start choreographing and dancing. Click on "Choreography" > "New" > "Choose Music". 

The music selection process is quite important because it sets the tone and atmosphere for the dance session. You'll need to choose the appropriate moves to match the music. You can select from the available system sounds, or you can dance to the beat if you only need to choreograph to a rhythm. Additionally, players can choose from the game's pre-composed music library, created by the in-game musicians.   

Choose the right music


For this part, I chose a song that is quite lively, so street and strong dances will fit this better. 

Channel the Street Moves in you >.< 

Here, you can show off your talent by mixing music and dance tunes together according to your preferences. You can customize the Music Editing and Dance Speed (bpm) to suit your vision, as well as customize the moves. For those of you who do not know how to dance, you can use the Self Choreography feature to help you out. When you're done editing, remember to save it properly. 

You can create your own choreography

Note that we can tell if a melody is compatible with the system's music by the smoothness of the dance moves. 

Fluency: Shows you how well the movement matches with the background music. The higher the fluency, the better looking the move will look. Consider this when you are perfecting dance moves. 


- After learning how to dance, any official Dancer can now start performing. Every day, Dancers can perform up to 5 times. Performing can help you earn Dancer Points. 

- In the menu, go to Socials > Work > Performance. Click Perform, this will automatically find the way to the NPC performing. Choose 1 of 2 Performances: Consolation Performance or Street Dance, either of which will cost 40 Active Energy. 

Two types of performance


The rewards of the Dance profession may seem small compared to the effort required, but this is certainly an interesting and highly entertaining profession for those who love to dance and an opportunity for those want to dance but was never confident to do so. 

Dancer's Outfit 

Thien Du is done introducing the Dance Profession to everyone, what do you guys think? Do you guys want to be a dancer?