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Musicians have the unique ability to bring their instruments with them wherever they go, providing them the opportunity to play music and attract listeners at any time. When they encounter others who share their passion, they can collaborate and forge meaningful connections. This profession is ideal for those who possess the following qualities: 

  • Loves music and playing musical instruments 
  • Has a good musical sense and can support the Dance profession 
  • Having knowledge about music theory can be an advantage



Play: Effortlessly play a wide range of musical instruments by selecting from the available music book. 

Compose: Write your own music and perform it or sell it for money. 

Battle Elfin: Summon the Battle Elfin to fight, adding beneficial effects to yourself and your teammates. 

Summoning the Battle Elfin

Manufacture: This skill allow musicians to transform their music into useful items such as Music Boxes and Music Score.With Music Box, there are 3 main types that can be crafted and used for specific purposes such as increasing the strength index for the whole team, using it as a gift or simply making it for the joy of playing music. As for the Music Score, it can be sold or shared with fellow players to enhance their musical experiences. 

Crafting Music Box

Crafting Music Score


Instrument Learning: As your skill level increases, you can gradually learn and utilize a wider variety of musical instruments. 

Water Mastery: Increase Water Resistance and Fighting Power. 

Sonic Mastery: Can expand the sound and use more notes. 

Multi-track Coordination: Can expand the sound range while playing music. 



There are 4 ways for Adventurers to play music with the Musician profession: 

Live Performance  

For talented Adventurers, playing musical instruments in the game is quite similar to using external music apps and instruments. 

Self-performance with their own ability


Create your own original pieces or compile and arrange existing music to suit your needs 

List of music that can be played

Playback with Music Box

Currently playing "Winter Lover" ^^

Choir or Ensemble

You can also form your own band to perform as a real music group.


The main focus of the musician profession is on art, so the earnings are relatively low compared to other professions. However, in return, there is admiration and fame if the musician has high skill or their band is truly harmonious and creative. In addition, the professional attire of a musician is considered the most beautiful. 

Musician's attire