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The profession of a Thief (Vigilante) can prove to be a great way for an adventurer to earn money by stealing items from non-player characters (NPCs) and can also boost stats when in a party raid. The most compatible adventurers for this “side job” are those who possess the necessary attributes and capabilities that align with the role of a Thief may contain these features:

  • A people person who likes meeting new people  
  • Brave, enjoy challenges every day
  • Love to cosplay but does not want to become Stylist :> 



This profession has 4 active skills including:

  • Scout: Locate possible targets from passer-by and all Hall of Fame NPCs 
  • Quick Hands: After scouting, use Quick Hands to steal items
  • Disguise: Disguise as a character, monster, and even as an item
  • Goblin Dance: Summon a Dancing Goblin to increase strength
  • Manufacture: Use to make Iron Keys which can be used to unlock iron chests. 


For adventurers who want to become a Thief, mastering Quick Hand is the first step to unlock other skills.  

  • Full Pocket: Increase the maximum value of the available items 
  • Filled to Brim: Increase the number of items displayed after using Quick Hands. 
  • Shadow Ghost: Increase Dark Resistance and Battle Rating. 
  • Shadow Walker: Increase the speed of Quick Hands and reduce the growth rate of target’s vigilance at night. 


Picking Target

Choosing the right target depends on your job level and the level of the NPC. Don’t try stealing from high level NPCs when your job level is too low to avoid instant failure. But don’t worry, you can go after bigger targets as your job level goes up.  

The main skill of Thief is Quick Hands, this allows players to steal items from NPCs besides Nimbus Coupon and Recovery Items or even Gold Equipment.  

Reminder: Thief can only scout up to 10 times and use Quick Hands 5 times, this counts all success and failure. 

Get ready to use "Scout" on an NPC

Thievery (Stealing)

Two areas will appear between NPC, you’ll see a green and red area. A Thief has to be careful not to step in the red area in order to prevent NPC from noticing. The failure percentage will increase if a Thief steps onto the red zone, so be careful. Once you are on the green area, use the Quick Hands skill to steal the NPC’s items. 

Use "Quick Hands" to try stealing from the NPC

While you are using the Quick Hands ability, a ruler bar will be displayed on the screen of the Thief. This bar will show the thieving progress of whether it be successful or a failure.  

While in the green zone, the Thief must pay attention to the warning sign displayed above the target's head. If the symbol turns yellow, the target will change direction and the Thief will be at risk of being detected. Additionally, timing is crucial for success. If the Thief takes too long and exceeds the time limit, they will fail the task.

Avoid getting caught by taking note of the yellow sign above the NPC

Here’s another tip when you are trying to steal, you need to pay attention to the timer below the bar, if you take too long your attempt will also fail. 

Picking Your Rewards

When Thieves successfully steal items from an NPC, they will need Vitality to select the items they want to take. The higher the quality of items, the more vitality it will consume.

You'll be able to open the NPC's Bag items if you were able to successfully steal

Attention: When a thief fails in using Quick Hands, they will not be able to change jobs on that day.


Thieves also have the “Disguise” skill which allows them to change their appearance. They can become items, monsters, or even NPC. The advantage of this skills is that they can transform their appearance to hide from other players who want to pk them. :)

Example: NPC Disguise

Example: Monster Disguise

Example: Item Disguise


Being a Thief is an interesting job, although other players may sometimes call them mischievous this job is for people who love to trick people and make lots of money.

Thief's attire

We hope you learned a lot about the Thief job with this article. Since this is such a interesting job, we will be publishing more articles about this and will publish it in the near future. Xiao Yu hopes the above article will help future Thieves enjoy this career path in Cloud Song. Good luck!