Event - Special Giftpack

Dear fellow Adventurers,

The special giftpack event has returned! This time, Xiao Yu offers you with a variety of giftpacks with plenty of wonderful items that you should not miss. Details are as follow:

Event Duration:

From 19/05 05:00 to 26/05 05:00 (GMT +7)


Packages Include Quantity Payment IAP Payment Webpay Limit
Cloudsong Gift - Basic Divine Jades 60 PHP 49 PHP 45 3
Nimbus Coupon 800,000
Rose Essence 10
Cloudsong Gift - Intermediate Divine Jades 300 PHP 249 PHP 225 3
Nimbus Coin 800,000
Ultimate Vault 1
Refinement Option Pack 1
Cloudsong Gift - Advanced Divine Jades 680 PHP 499 PHP 510 1
Nimbus Coin 1,600,000
Base Coins 2000
Ocean Heart (30d) 1
Cloudsong Gift – Legendary Divine Jades 1,680 PHP 1,290 PHP 1,260 1
69-79 Supreme Order Option Chests 30
Alchemical Dice (Legendary) 50
Guild Contributions 500
Cloudsong Gift – Divine Divine Jades 3,280 PHP 2,490 PHP 2,460 1
Ultimate Vault 10
Legendary Gem Vault 8
Legendary Divinity Elixir (Optional) 1
Cloudsong Gift – Ultimate Divine Jades 6,480 PHP 4,990 PHP 4,860 1
Soul Breeder Elixir 100
Legendary/Exotic Gem Optional Vault 1
Legendary Divinity Elixir (Optional) 2

Official Webpay:


  • Limitation for pack purchase is applied for both IAP and Webshop.
  • Adventurers who already used up slots on buying this pack via IAP (via Appstore or Google Play) cannot buy this pack via Webshop and vice versa.

If you continue to experience any problems, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team for further assistance. We are always here to help and will do our best to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Best Regards,

Xiao Yu and Revelation Team.