Coming Soon On MOBILE & PC

  • By NetEase

    Revelation Mobile, created by NetEase Games and published exclusively by VNG Games in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia)


    Based on the success of Revelation Online, Revelation Mobile inherits the essence of its predecessor: the dungeon system with challenging difficulty, large-scale battles, and is promised to introduce unique experiences that can't be found in any other game.

  • 5 Years - 70M

    After 5 years of development and nearly $70 million in investment, Revelation Mobile will take you to an unexplored world. Experience life the way you want it.

Encounter a new kind of MMO where the RPG element is at the core

Lose yourself in a fantasy 3D world with immersive beauty that you will surely want to share with friends and family.

Create a world unlike any other: a living and interactive one where each creature and NPC has its own soul.

The world of Revelation. Experience traveling to dream destinations around the world.

You can craft a new persona in Revelation. Play-through personalized adventures, and so much more. It all starts with you!

  • Each character is a unique individual

    Revelation is a game where you can make all your dreams come true, where you choose the path that best suits your character, and you'll be able to experience life in ways most people only dream of.
  • You are loved by everyone in the world.

    Each scenery in Revelation Mobile is a mash-up of destinations from all over the world. Explore different areas to find what fits your personal taste, whether it’s within the vast sea or up the wide skies- your "personal piece of heaven."
  • A realistic, interactive world

    NPCs in Revelation learn to form & react to their surroundings through changes in the environment. They have their own personalities that set them apart. To enhance the overall experience, we aim for players to feel like talking to real people when interacting with NPCs.
  • An immersive exploration - A true adventure

    Our adventure gameplay combines all the exchanges between players and the world into a complete exploration system. Various goals and motivations are set, in order for players to explore the entire world at their own speed and pace.
  • The Inspiration to Better Yourself

    We've refined all professions under the Social Occupation System, ensuring that the gameplay will exceed all expectations and create a foundation for a creative ecosystem that we hope will inspire you to start pursuing other fields. Through these creative ideas, we hope it provides a more diverse set of opportunities.