Dear Adventurers,

The Treasure Trove event has launched with extremely attractive rewards! Hurry up and grab them now!


From 20/06 to 27/06 5:00 (GMT+7).


Treasure Hunt Rules: 

From each prize pool, choose your favorite item to start a treasure hunt. Each treasure hunt will consume a certain amount of Divine Jade. Divine Jade required will increase with each treasure hunt. Prizes already obtained will not be repeated. Guaranteed to receive the selected item after 12 treasure hunts.


Total Rounds: 

A round is counted when obtaining [Great Treasure Pool] in this round. If the reset is made before getting it, the accumulated game rewards will not be recorded but added to the total number of games. Please try to reset it after obtaining the Great Treasure Pool. Otherwise, you may not be able to receive all the accumulated game rewards.


Prize Pools: 


Pool of Riches  Jade Pool  Jewel Pool  Pearl Pool 
Spirit Item Heart x15  Legendary/Exotic Gem Optional Vault x6  Jade Qilin Leaf x300  Universe Crystal x15 
Legendary Ultimate Skill Book x1   Spirit Item Heart x6  Legendary Gem Vault x15  Divinity Shards x150 
Limited - Epic 3-Star Ultimate Charge x1  Moon Spirit Soul x40  69-109 Supreme Order Optional Chest x40  Soul Breeder Crystal x150 
Legendary Divinity Option Gift x12  Heart of Divine Seal x15  Qilin Talisman/Zhuque Soul (Optional) x10  Soul Breeder Crystal – Qinglong x150 
Divine Weapon Option Case x1  Legendary Divinity Option Gift x6  Reshaped Feather x25  Lucky Stone x4 
Legendary Runestone Option Box x1  Soul Breeder Elixir x400  Spike Scales-Shard x8  Spike Scales-Shard x2 
Soul Breeder Elixir x700  Enlightenment Fruit Option Giftbox x2  Soul Core Option x400  Vim Fruit x20 
Boundless (Essence) x20  Enlightenment Book (Advanced) x180  Misty Sand x30  Enlightenment Book (Basic) x100 
Yan Jing (Essence) x20  Spike Scales Option Chest x2  Soul Breeder Elixir x150  Jade Qilin Leaf x50 
Divine Book Fragment x1  Jade Horn x5  Divine Weapon EXP Stone x400  Spirit Shaper Mystical Dice x50 
Opsional Red Supreme Order 79-100 x20  Mastery Proof x1  Mystery Stone x120  Golden Sun -  Permanent x1 
Legendary/Exotic Gem Optional Vault x15  Red Supreme Order - Shining Star x10  Legendary Divinity Option Gift x3  Divine Weapon EXP Stone x100 
Optional Epic Runestone Box x4  Legendary/Exotic Gem Optional Vault x3  Refinement Talisman Option Pack x2 
Opsional Red Supreme Order 79-100 x10  Enlightenment Book (Intermediate) x150  Misty Sand x7 
Contributions x1000 


Round Completed  Rewards 
Godly Divinity Option - Titan x2 
Spirit Skill Chest (Advanced) x1 
Red Supreme Order (79/109) x15 
Divinity Option -  Ruler x10 
Limited - Golden 3 Star Ultimate x1 



  • Pearl Pool: 1000 
  • Jewel Pool: 270 
  • Jade Pool: 15 
  • Pool of Riches: 2 

The formula for calculating the probability of winning is
probability p = weight of the prize/weight of all remaining prizes in the prize pool. 

If you continue to experience any problems, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team for further assistance. We are always here to help and will do our best to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.


Best Regards, 

Xiao Yu and Revelation Team.