• Event Name: The Fairest Of Revelation
  • Timeline: From February 27 to 23:59 (GMT+7) of March 12, 2023


  • ONE (1) SPECIAL PRIZE: $1000 (USD) + 01 Revelation Gift Box (Water Bottle, Hoodie, Figures)
  • FIVE (5) MOST POPULAR PRIZES: $100 (USD) + 01 Revelation Gift Box (Water Bottle, Hoodie, Figures)
  • TWO (2) FAVORITE PRIZES: $100 (USD) + 01 Revelation Gift Box (Water Bottle, Hoodie, Figures)
  • THREE (3) IDOL-LIKE FACES: $100 (USD) + 01 Revelation Gift Box (Water Bottle, Hoodie, Figures)
  • CONSOLATION PRIZES (All entries are valid): Receive One (1) CODE (10 Diamond Gacha Tickets)


Step 1:

.Adventurer downloads Revelation and create an account / log in to the game to start create your character, then save the QR code.

Step 2:

Quickly access the event homepage:, select "Login" with your Email or Facebook account to record your attendance information at The Fairest Of Revelation event.

Step 3:

After successfully logging in, select "Show off now!" to upload the photo of the QR code in Revelation that the Adventurer had saved before.

Eligible photos must include:

  • A short description of the event's photo and hashtag #Revelation #Thefairestofrevelation #02032023
  • Select gender and idol if your face is based on a real-life idol.

Step 4:

Completing the photo description and details, the Adventurer choose "Send To Revelation’s Beauty" to submit the image to the event. Photos after submission will automatically appear in the "Latest" section. Adventurers can check if their images have been uploaded successfully in the "Latest" section of the event homepage.


Images of characters participating in the event with signs of copying or plagiarism from any source will be illegible.

The organizer will select the highest scoring entries to receive valuable prizes from Revelation according to the following scoring criteria:

  • 01 Special Prize: 01 entry with the highest number of hearts & shares.
  • 05 Most Popular Prizes: 05 Adventurers in the “Most Popular” category with the highest downloads.
  • 02 Most Loved Prizes: 02 Adventurers photo in the category of “Most Loved” has the highest number of hearts.
  • 03 Idol-like Prizes: 03 valid entries in the category "Celeb Look Alike" with the highest number of hearts.
  • Participation Prizes: All valid entries from Adventurers during the duration of the event will receive a CODE to redeem Diamond Gacha Tickets.

  • Each Adventurer is entitled to participate in the event with different accounts and each account can upload more than one photo but can only receive one (01) prize in the event.
  • In case that (01) Adventurer wins more than one prize, the Adventurers will receive only one (01) prize in the order of: Special Prize, Most Popular Prize, Most Loved Prizes, Idol-like Prizes, respectively. 
  • In case that there are more than one winning images in the same category than the prize structure of that category, the Organizers will award the prize to Adventurer whose entry was submitted earlier.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to refuse to award or withdraw the prize if it is found that the Adventurer uses any form of cheating to participate and win the prize.


  • The list of winners will be recorded and published after the end of the program duration.
  • Within seven (07) working days from the date of result announcement, Adventurers named in the list of winners need to actively message the Organizer via Revelation's official Facebook page or our Customer Support portal to provide information to verify your entry. Information to be provided includes:
    • Full name
    • Role ID
    • Email address or Facebook registered to participate in the event
    • Phone number
    • Photo of identity card (2 sides) / Citizen identification card (2 sides) / Passport of the winner.
    • At the same time, the Organizer will handle coor Facebook registered to participate in the event, Phone number,mplaints (if any) about the event during this time.
  • The official list of winners will be announced by the Organizer on March 22, 2023.
  • List of winners will be announced at the event page and official social network site of Revelation: Infinite Journey:


  • Customers of 18 years old and over, who have an online game account for Revelation: Infinite Journey may participate in the event.
  • The program does not apply to: Employees of VNG Games of VNG Joint Stock Company.
  • Event starts from 27/02/2022 and ends at exactly 23:59 on 12/03/2022
  • The participating image is clear and have to be original content produced by the participant.
  • Eligible entries are entries posted during the announced program period - with the hashtag #Revelation #Thefairestofrevelation #02032023
  • Eligible entries need to be completely and accurately followed the rules of participation
  • Lucky winners need to contact the game's customer service to provide information within 7 days from the official announcement on Revelation: Infinite Journey's Fanpage.
  • Do not use images related to games other than Revelation: Infinite Journey
  • Any content that is vulgar or related to religion, politics, or violates the law is strictly prohibited
  • Organizer has the right to use the contest entry for communication purposes;
  • It is strictly forbidden to cheat and use images that are not of your character in the game Revelation: Infinite Journey
  • Entries must not violate fine customs and be offensive to others
  • Players agree to follow the event rules set by the Organizer, provide enough personal information for the Organizer to award prizes.
  • The organizer decision is final in case of any dispute
  • The organizer refuses to deal with cases of providing incorrect information
  • Time to deliver prizes is from 45 - 60 days from the date of announcement of the results (depending on the prizes and the location of the winners)
  • The winner will receive the award by bank transfer for cash prizes. At the same time, the winner will be responsible for all personal income taxes incurred (if any) according to the host country's regulations.
  • Players must provide accurate prize receipt information to VNG. VNG will bear all bank fees incurred (if any) for cash prizes to reward the winner. In case the prize award fails due to the winner's error, the winner must bear all fees incurred for the next prize payment.
  • The time for players to receive the reward is within 60 days from the date of notification of award, if after this time, the customer has not come to receive the prize, the prize will be canceled