Dear Adventurers, summer is heating up like never before, especially with the excitement of the eagerly awaited EURO football season. Let's enjoy the new version - Dynamic Summer, officially updating on June 20, 2024!  



Maintenance Duration:

Maintenance will occur on June 20, 2024, at 07:00 (GMT+7), expected to be completed within 3 hours.  

Note: Adventurers, please refrain from participating in daily activities (Spirit Hunt, Trade Hub, etc.) before the maintenance to avoid any unwanted issues.*  


Compensation Details:

288 Bound Divine Jades will be sent to your in-game mailbox. For each additional hour of maintenance, you will receive 100 extra Bound Divine Jades. 

Client Update Instructions:

1. PC: After closing the game, reopen the launcher and click update.
2. iOS: After entering the game, complete the update as per the in-game notification.
3. Android After entering the game, complete the update as per the in-game notification. 


If you encounter any installation issues, please contact Customer Support for assistance.  



Passionate EURO Season Event Series

1. Enthusiastic Support:

Duration: From June 20 to 5:00 July 4, 2024 (GMT+7)  


Adventurers participate in daily Sign-in to receive Round Fan used to exchange for rewards at the Exchange Shop. Additionally, sign in for 7 and 13 days to receive extra rewards. 

  • Daily Sign-in: 20 Round Fans  
  • Sign-in for 7 days: 5 Weaver’s Tickets 
  • Sign-in for 13 days: Optional Chest: 1 Adventurous Life Fashion (permanent) or 10 Weaver’s Tickets 

This period’s Exchange Shop will offer items such as: Jersey Portugal/Spain/Germany/ France/Netherlands (permanent), Divinity Option - Titan x5, Mystery Stone x200, Spirit Sharper Mystical Dice x400, and many other attractive rewards.  


  • Missed Sign-in cannot be compensated.  
  • After the event ends, the Exchange Shop will remain open for an additional 7 days (until 5:00 July 11, 2024 GMT +7). After this period, the Round Fans will expire, so be sure to exchange them before the deadline.  

2. Dynamic Summer:

Duration: From June 20 to 5:00 July 4, 2024 (GMT+7)  


During the event, Adventurers can participate in daily activities such as Build Mission, Pool Party, Spirit Tower, Sect Arena, Spirit Hunting, Training Mission, and Consuming Vitality to receive Round Fans, which can be used to exchange for rewards in the Exchange Shop. 

3. Support Gifts:

: At 12:00, 20:00 (GMT+7) on June 20, 25, 30, and July 3. Each day there are up to 10 opportunities to receive Lucky Money.  

During the event, the system will automatically distribute Lucky Money at Sulan Plaza. Adventurers can participate for a chance to receive random rewards such as Nimbus Coupon, Legendary Gem Vault, and Bound Divine Jade.  


Hide and Seek Minigame Returns  

: From June 20 to 5:00 July 3, 2024 (GMT+7)  


  • Number of players per round: 20 (15 hiders and 5 seekers)  
  • Each match duration: 2 minutes preparation and 10 minutes playtime  
  • Hiders: Transform and hide to avoid being found by Seekers. The longer you hide, the faster your points increase. If found, 20% of your current points will be deducted, and the rate of point increase resets.  
  • Seekers: Find the transformed hiders. The higher the points of the hiders you find, the more points you receive 
  • Support items: Shapeshifting Charm, God Speed Rune, Point Accumulating Charm, Camera Charm, Scouting Charm, Point Accelerating Charm.  

Rewards: During the event, complete one Hide and Seek game each day to receive 10 Round Fans to exchange for rewards in the Passionate EURO Season Event Exchange Shop.  


Spirit Tower - Hard Mode 

Duration: From June 20 to 5:00 July 18, 2024 (GMT+7)  

Teams of 3-5 players level 100 or above.  


During the event, Spirit Tower will have an additional Hard mode featuring 5 bosses: RaRa the Great, Chaser of Winds, Black-White Morphofly, Bloodhorn King, and Crimson Belle. Adventurers with characters level 100 can form teams of 3 to 5 members to challenge these bosses. Completing each level will earn diverse rewards such as Nimbus Coupon, Divinity Shards, Universe Crystal, and Reshaped Feather.  



  • Added a toggle feature to allow or disallow others from copying your skill setup.  
  • The Finery Boutique now sells the Mount Optional Chest.  

Enjoy the new content and events in this exciting summer update!