Couture Event - Weaver's Dream - A Song of Sword and Flower

Dear lovely Adventurers!

Today, Xiao Yu would like to present a masterpiece from the Couture Event - Weaver's Dream, with the following details:

Event Duration: March 16 (05:00) to June 15 (05:00) GMT+7

Event Rewards:

Weaver Outfit

  • A Song of Sword and Flower (Fashion)
  • Snowdream White Moon (Style)
  • Rose Dawn (Weapon)
  • Unyielding Beauty (Head Accessory)
  • Proof of Prophecy (Face Accessory)
  • Song of Thorns (Pendant)
  • Sword and Poem of Thorns (Wings)
  • Rose Oath (Luminosity)

Brocade Outfit:

  • Non-worldly (Fashion)
  • Yitian (Head Accessory)


  • Collectible Glamor Outfit: 0.4%
  • This Season's Brocade & Weaver Outfits: 3.28%
  • This Season's Other Quality Outfits: 23%
  • Other Items: 73.32%

There are also various gifts for Adventurers to collect! Come and join Xiao Yu~

If you continue to experience any problems, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team for further assistance. We are always here to help and will do our best to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Best Regards,

Xiao Yu and Revelation Team.