Event - Special Offers

Dear fellow Adventurers,

The return of the special gifpackt event is here! Let's see what Xiao Yu brings for you this time! Details are as follow:

Event Duration:

From 05/06 05:00 to 08/06 04:00 (GMT+7)


Package Include Quantity Price
(Divine Jade)
Primary Treasure Giftpack Nimbus Coin 800,000 60 5
Alchemical Dice (Legendary) 20
Guild Contributions 200
Intermediate Treasure Giftpack Divinity - Epic Wishbox 3 300 5
Nimbus Coupon 500,000
Legendary Gem Vault 3
Advanced Treasure Giftpack Jade Qilin Talisman/Vermilion Bird Soul (Optional) 12 680 5
Soul Breeder Crystal 100
Alchemical Dice (Legendary) 100
Super Treasure Giftpack Legendary/Exotic Gem Optional Vault 4 980 5
Cloud Jade 2
Flower Dew 10
Premium Treasure Giftpack Jade Qilin Soul 5 1,980 3
69–79 Supreme Order Optional Chests 25
Soul Breeder Crystal 300
Divine Treasure Giftpack 69–79 Supreme Order Optional Chests 35 3,280 3
Godly Divinity Elixir Option - Titan 10
Moon Spirit Soul 25

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Best Regards,

Xiao Yu and Revelation Team.