Dear Adventurers,

With the aim of enhancing the player experience and providing more opportunities for adventurers to meet and connect with new friends, we have decided to merge into a single server group for two merged servers: Calmsea + Starfall Isle và Divine Remnant + Seat of Stars. Also, the Central World of these two servers will be merged with the Central World of other server groups. For details, please refer to the announcement below!



1. Maintenance Time:

Maintenance will begin at 7:00 AM and is expected to conclude at 11:00 AM on June 20, 2024 (GMT+7)

Due to this maintenance being conducted simultaneously with the update maintenance for patch 3.2 and involving a relatively large number of servers in the merging list, the maintenance duration will be longer than usual compared to other servers. Adventurers on these servers will also receive special compensation for maintenance, including 388 Bound Divine Jade (with an additional 100 Bound Divine Jade for each hour of extended maintenance).


2. Special Note:

Note the maintenance schedule and log out before the merging process begins. Please be patient and refrain from logging into the game during maintenance to avoid any losses.

3. Merge Server

Calmsea + Starfall Isle Calmsea
Divine Remnant + Seat of Stars Seat of Stars
The Calmsea, Creek Meadow, and Yingling servers will use the Central World format to interact with each other.
The Seat of Star, Island of Moon, and Shimmer Sea servers will use the Central World format to interact with each other



This rule applies to servers in the traditional merging groups Calmsea + Starfall Isle and Divine Remnant + Seat of Stars. 

After merging, the server name will be retained based on the server that won in the Cloudsong Fame Battle event. However, the data from any servers opened later will be merged into the servers opened earlier, regardless of the winning server in the Cloudsong Fame Battle event

1. Compensation:

Compensation gift for source servers

Compensation Gifts for Starfall Isle:

Vim 70,000,000
Guild Contribution 31,500
Rhino Horn (M) 420
Heaven Warrior Orders 70
Fiery Scale Points 21,000


Compensation Gifts for Seat of Stars:  

Vim 42,000,000
Guild Contribution 18,900
Rhino Horn (M) 252
Heaven Warrior Orders 42
Fiery Scale Points 12,600


*Note: Compensation rewards will only be sent to Adventurers on Royal Capital server who have logged into the game in the last 7 days from the merging date (13/06 - 19/06/2024).


2. Traditional Merging Rules:

1 - Server Entry Rules:

  • After data merges, enter the new server's name to log in to the corresponding server: Calmsea and Seat of Stars
  • If an Adventurer has characters on both servers inside these merging categories, the merged server list will include all your characters from both servers. If an Adventurer has more than three characters and wishes to create new ones, some of the previous characters can be deleted to make room for new ones.
  • Due to the limited server capacity, characters below level 10 who have not topped up and logged in for more than 14 days will be automatically deleted.

2 - Character Name Modification:

  • If the Character Name is duplicated because of the data merge, it will be temporarily renamed to "Name + Server," and the player can change them using the Free Name Change Card sent via the in-game mail.
  • If the Guild Name is duplicated because of the data merge, it will be displayed in the format "Guild Name + Server Name," and the Guild President will be refunded the Guild Name Change Fee of 50 Bound Divine Jade via in-game mail.

3. Ranking Changes:

  • The personal and guild ranking boards will be merged after the data merger.
  • Sect Arena Ranking, if the Adventurer is Supreme Legend in the previous server, they will become Divine Challenger IV.
  • The time-limited titles and rewards obtained by the rankings will be reserved within the week.
  • The ranking board data of Territorial War will be cleared. After the next Territorial War season starts, the ranking will be updated again.

4. Guild Changes:

  • Due to the merging of guild data, the Guild ID may change.
  • If guilds are in the process of merging, the current process will be automatically canceled. Guilds can continue to initiate after maintenance.

5. Gameplay Changes

  • Territorial War, retain the title of Leader; for this event, Guilds from the Starfall Isle and Seat of Stars need to select a Faction and appoint Guild members again; otherwise, guild won't be able to participate in Territorial War event (Other servers are not affected).
  • For seasonal gameplay such as Sky Battle and Royal Brawl, the season progress of the two servers remains unchanged.
  • Protege Registration allows two server’s Sect Champion to appear, champion titles and fashion reservations.
  • For the Lady Stars event, the debut history from the previous season will only retain data from Calmsea and Divine Remnant server, and the rankings of this season will be updated based on the actual number of followers (fans) after the server merges.
  • Note about Marriage System: If players reserved the wedding ceremony prior to the merging process, the ceremony will be canceled, and the system will immediately refund the reservation fee (Divine Jade) to players via in-game mail.
  • For the first clear history of the "Godslayer - Dungeon", it will be based on the data from the main server.


6. Rules for calculating the first-time God Slayer Dungeon clearances:

(1). In case the main server and source server have the "Same" Godslayer clearance status on the day the server is merged

(1.1) Main server = Cleared I Source server = Cleared

=> Merge normally, no compensation

(1.2) Main server = Not cleared I Source server = Not cleared

(1.2.1) Both servers are qualified to enter Godslayer normally

=> Merge normally, no compensation.

(1.2.2) The source server is not qualified in level and cannot access the Godslayer after merging the server

=> During the first 2 weeks after merging, the system will check the first team from the source server to clear the Godslayer (all members must be from the source server) and the rewards for first clearance will be sent by in-game mail.

(2). In case the main and source servers have different clearance status of the Godslayer on the day the servers are merged

Main Server = Cleared | Source Server = Not Cleared

=> During the first 2 weeks after merging, the system will check the first team from the source server to clear the Godslayer (all members must be from the source server) and the rewards for first clearance will be sent by in-game mail.

=> After 2 weeks, if no team meets the conditions, this rule will no longer be applied

7. Trade Rules: The items of both servers in the aforementioned merged group will be combined

8. Joint Server Prayer Event:

After the server merging process is complete, the following servers will launch the Joint Server Prayer Event, which will last for 7 days from the merge date. This event will help the newly merged servers catch up with the level progression of the previously merged servers in the group.

(Event Interface)


1. Energy Supply: After the server merge, the newly opened server will activate the Energy Supply. Players can receive various daily activity rewards due to the time difference of the server openings, and they can also use Divine Jade to purchase additional compensation rewards.

2. Helping Gift: Within 7 days after the servers merge, players can earn additional Prayer Coins by completing daily quests. Prayer Coins can be used to draw items such as Jade Horn and Legendary Divinity. Assist Mission can be completed with players from different servers within the central server. First, you need to add friends and then complete the tasks together.


Due to the opening of Central World, everyone can join with players from other servers in the same World to complete daily tasks, adventure, and have fun together!

This also means more new friends, easier daily activities, and a livelier atmosphere.

Moreover, the Central World features special events and various exclusive benefits, so Adventurers quickly come and explore together in the Central World!


1. Merged Servers:

The Calmsea, Creek Meadow, and Yingling servers will use the Central World format to interact with each other.

The Seat of Star, Island of Moon, and Shimmer Sea servers will use the Central World format to interact with each other

After completing the merging Central World process, the server entrance portal remains the same. 

2. Basic Introduction:

Adventurers can enter Central World through “Central World” icon in Events feature

Adventurers connected to the Central World server can use the Central World entrance on the main interface to experience it. Adventurers from all Cloudsong Continent servers within the Central World can interact with each other. Currently, daily activities supported in the Central World include Spirit Hunt, Dungeon (Normal & Hard), Primary Stage Phantasm, Spirit Tower. Adventurers can automatically team up with others in the same Central World.

3. Gathering Places

To create a better environment for playing and participating in activities in the Central World, Adventure Guild has taken the lead in constructing Gathering Places. When Adventurers enter the Central World, they will first step into the new scene. This place is a gathering point for Adventurers from different servers, providing everyone with a joyful plaza and interesting activities. Various functional areas have been established, such as Dreamy Fish Pond, Crazy Cuisine Zone, Musical Instrument Area, Leisure Area, Dance Area and Arena Area. 

3.1. Dance Area

Sing and dance freely here! The adorable NPC Baili Yue Yue will record the support of Musicians, Singers, Dancers, and Stylists in Gathering Places and award weekly title rewards based on the weekly rankings. Support points in Gathering Places will also accumulate in the support rankings on this server.

3.2 Musical Instrument Area

In this area, Adventurers can freely showcase their musical talents, practice, and form musical groups to find like-minded companions with a passion for music.

3.3. Dreamy Fish Pond

Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the joy of fishing on the Cloudsong Continent, and a two-week fishing season event will be held in the Fishing Zone!

3.4. Arena Area

Adventurers can compete in Gathering Places, and the diligent NPC here will record your victories and award weekly title rewards based on rankings.

3.5. Crazy Cuisine Zone

The cooking area, with the gathering of chefs from different worlds, also has limited-time cooking events waiting for you to join!

3.6. Leisure Area

Gathering Places provide a comfortable entertainment environment. Sit under the fireworks and chat with your friends.

The Gathering Place is still under lively construction, and it is hoped that Adventurers will have enjoyable experiences with new friends from different servers here!

4. Special Events and Benefits:

To commemorate the full opening of the Central World, 5 special events and benefits will take place!

  • Enjoy the game with friends from different servers in the Central World and enrich your Center World Travelogue to earn Star Cores. Chance to redeem Classic Monthly Card (Gift), Social Emote - Holding Hands!
  • Adventurer and destined player been selected as destined ones in the Inter-dimensional Chance Encounter event, obtain Star Cores and Affinity Items through interaction.
  • Crazy Cuisine Season event is limited time; simply cook at the Gathering Places and your basic success rate will increase by 50%!
  • Fishing in the Cloudsong event
  • Central World Lucky Money


5. Some Featured Events in Central World:

Below is a detailed introduction to some events in the Central World. For more details, please check the in-game guide.

5.1. Cloudsong Fishing Season:

Fishing Season in the Clouds in Central World lasts for two weeks! Never-before-seen fish types, Sailfish and Red-Striped Sailfish will appear in the fishing area of the Gathering Places. Fishing masters, test your skills now!

When the Fishing Season in the Clouds commences, Adventurers fishing in the Angling Area will have a chance to catch Sailfish and Red-Striped Sailfish. Also, Adventurers will get an Angler Insignia as a bonus when catching a fish. When you accumulate enough Angler Insignia, you can exchange them at Ra Orange NPC to receive rewards such as titles (Legendary Title: "Single Man Fishing", Epic Title: " Fishing the New Year Away "), Fishing Season Mystery Box (including Bait, Star Cores, and enhancement items), unique base furniture and ornamental fishes!

5.2. Fortune Points and Fortune Rankings:

Giving gifts and sending Lucky Money to friends on the central server will help you accumulate Fortune points. Every week at 5 AM on Monday, the Fortune Rankings will be updated based on Fortune Point rankings.

The Top 1 player on the Weekly Fortune List can get a limited-time Clouds of Fortune – Buchen. Fortune can be used to unlock special custom texts in Moments.

The top 1 player on the Weekly and Total Fortune List can receive 7d limited Exotic Title Great Generosity and Rich Enough to Buy the Whole World, respectively.

Players ranked from 2 to 5 can also achieve the limited-time gold title "Moneybags"!

Wishing all Adventurers an exciting and meaningful experience in the Central World!