Special Giftpack for Dreamy Park Event

Dear fellow Adventurers,

In celebration of Dreamy Park Event, Xiao Yu would like to introduce to you some special Day gift packages with irresistible items so that everyone can fully embrace the joy of dreamy park. Let's Xiao Yu give you more details about this~

Event Duration:

From 05:00 01/06 to 04:00 04/06/2023 (GMT+7)


Package Include Quantity Price
(Divine Jade)
Dreamy Park Gift 1 Bound Divine Jade 100 60 5
Guild Contributions 100
Nimbus Coin 400,000
Dreamy Park Gift 2 Bound Divine Jade 100 60 5
Soul Breeder Crystal 50
Alchemical Dice (Legendary) 10
Dreamy Park Gift 3 Bound Divine Jade 200 180 5
Refinement Option Pack 3
Flower Dew 10
Dreamy Park Gift 4 Bound Divine Jade 200 180 5
Jade Qilin Talisman/Vermilion Bird Soul (Optional) 2
Alchemical Dice (Legendary) 50
Dreamy Park Gift 5 Bound Divine Jade 400 300 3
Legendary Gem Vault 2
Divinity Shards 100
Dreamy Park Gift 6 Bound Divine Jade 400 300 3
Soul Breeder Crystal 100
Cloud Jade 2

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Best Regards,

Xiao Yu and Revelation Team.