Dear Adventurers,

This May, we are bringing you a much-anticipated new feature. On May 11, 2023, the Island Base system will officially launch in Version 1.4 - Narwhale Island Base, along with a variety of equally exciting new improvements. Let's have a peek at the hot new content!

Maintenance Details

Maintenance Schedule 

Maintenance will start on May 11th at 07:00 (GMT+7), and it is scheduled to last up to 3 hours.

Compensation Gifts

The maintenance compensation is 288 Bound Divine Jade, which will be delivered to your in-game mail. Adventurers can receive 100 more Bound Divine Jade as compensation for each additional hour of maintenance after the time specified.

How to Update Your Client

1. PC: Close the game, Restart the Launcher, Choose Update. 

2. iOS: Launch the game, complete the update download according to in-game notice. 

3. Android: Launch the game, complete the update download according to in-game notice. 

NIf you have any problems during the installation, please contact our Player Support, and we will assist you in resolving the issues. 

Content Update

Narwhale Island Base

This update's main feature is the base building system.

With the Narwhale Island Base System, you will be able to build magnificent houses, gardens, aquariums or even a forest as you wish. 

It also has the option to create comfy terrain, different flora customizations, and distinctive architectural and interior designs, this feature will provide you with many hours of enjoyment. Or simply to get away from the competitiveness of everyday life. 

Come to Whale Island and start raising fish, growing veggies, rearing pets, and living out your amazing life with friends with our farming, breeding, crafting, housekeeper, and roommate features.

Don't hesitate to build your own colorful and unique living space in Revelation!!!

New SSR Familiar- Zhangyou 

New SSR Familiar – Zhangyou has Dark Attribute and favors long-range physical attack. This Familiar's skills can help greatly increase your own damage during combat.

For the duration of this patch, the gacha rate for this Familiar will be increased.

New Dungeon – Great Wall (Godslayer)

  • The Hard mode difficulty (Godslayer) for Great Wall Dungeon will be released this update.
  • Details:
    • Recommended Battle Rating: 80000 + 80000 (Seal-breaking increase)
    • Team: 3-5 people 
    • Monster Level 79
    • Reward for Server First Clear: Rift 1st Clear Lucky Money; Clear Great Wall on Hard Difficulty Title, and the mount Desert Qilin.
    • Reward for Server First Clear: Rift 1st Clear Lucky Money; Clear Great Wall on Hard Difficulty Title, and the mount Desert Qilin.

Main Story Quest Chapter 10 - Land of Nirvana

After freeing the twin sisters, Tong Ming and Tong Guang, the Adventurer's Guild continue on with their quest to learn the secret of the Dragons as well as unmasking the mysterious individual that have been following them causing mayhem. What happens next in this mysterious adventure, let's discover together!

New Feature - Premium Class Change

In Version 1.4, a new feature will be launched that speeds up the class switching process, allowing Adventurers to easily explore the full strength of different classes and then choose the best one for themselves. The following are the specifics:

  • To use this feature, the Adventurer must go to the NPC Wu Yin at Sulan County [568,530]
  • Rules:
    • The character needs to meet all the conditions for class change. 
    • Premium Class Change has no timeout and is not affected by normal class changing. That is, if you have to wait for 30 days to change class, utilize the Premium Class Change could allow the class to be changed immediately without waiting. 
    • You can perform Premium Class Change even if normal class change is on cooldown.
  • Cost:
    • Premium Class Change costs 2800 Divine Jades. 
    • Premium Class Change has no cooldown period. 
    • Performing a Premium Class Change will grant you an Aesthetics Voucher. 
  • Transform Equipment:
    • Similar to normal class change, Premium Class Change only transforms currently worn equipment. The unworn or locked equipment in the bag can only be transformed when using Equipment Transformation Hammer. The Premium Class Change also has 7-day equipment transforming period.  
    • The refinement level, pattern unlocking, special effects, recasting times, forging restoration value will be retained intact.
  • Class Skill: Fully preserved skill level. 
  • Features, Fashion and Interactive Movements:
    • Similar to normal class change: Female in Lady Stars that is about the debut, when changing to Male, they cannot keep this debut opportunity. Some interactive movements after body transformation cannot be used and preserved in the old body type. 
    • It is possible to keep the respective outfit before and after changing class. If there is no corresponding fashion in the same set, the fashion in the old body type will be preserved. Timed fashion will continue to count down whether it is kept or not.
  • SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING ULTIMATE SKILLS: LEGENDARY Ultimate Skill is NOT INHERRITABLE. It will be RESERVED in the old class. When using Premium Class Change, the Legendary ultimate skill will be reduced by 1 rank to the Epic ultimate skill in the class after changing. The new class inherits Epic and below tiers of ultimate skill. That is if you have Legendary, Epic and Rare ultimate skills, when changing class using Premium Class Change, Legendary ultimate skill will be downgraded to Epic ultimate skill, Epic and Rare ultimate skills remained at the same rank after changing.

New Fashion - Whispering Forest

Available from 5:00 - 11 May to 5:00 – 25 May (GMT +7)

Fashion set includes: Fashion, Hair, Weapon, Back Accessory, Pendant, Head Accessory, Face Accessory.

Other items received: Seide Ticket, Mystical Dice - Legendary, Nimbus Coins, Legendary Gem Box, Narwhale Oath. 

Whispering Forest – Fashion Details:

  • Fashion - Sip from a Stream 
  • Hairstyle - Blooming Passion  
  • Weapon - Deep Forest Flowers 
  • Back Accessory - Halfwood Spring 
  • Pendant - Snooping Acorn 
  • Head Accessory - Forest Ballad 
  • Face Accessory - Deer Spirit Whispers 

Minigame – Chicken Run

Chicken Run is a balanced 3v3 team activity that uses the map and mechanics of the Royal Brawl to compete.

When the game starts, the players compete for the Chicken Egg; the team that captures 6 Chicken Eggs first wins. When defeated by the enemy, the number of eggs collected will drop. 

Rewards: Load Relief Token, Nimbus Coupons, Twin Koi, Divinity Shard.

Event - Treasure Hunt

Cloudsong Treasure Hunt is a dice-rolling event. From level 70, every 10 levels will open 1 Cloudsong Treasure Hunt, Adventurers can participate to receive many strengthen items that correspond to the current character’s level.

Adventurers will roll the dice for the corresponding number of steps, stopping on any cell will receive a reward in that position. 

Each time you return to the starting point, you will receive 1 Visit Card. Can be used to redeem rare rewards in the Treasure Hunt Shop. Dice, Visit Card will be revoked at the end of the event.

In each Treasure Hunt, player can roll the dice 2000 times. 

Note: Treasure Hunt opens on the first day of the new server, there will be no free spins.

In each Treasure Hunt, player can roll the dice 2000 times. 

Available from 5:00 – 15 May to 5:00 9 July


1. Season 2, when the scroll reaches level 80, the character can unlock the Office Elite appearance set. In the Scroll Wonderland shop, you can use Wandering Order to exchange Legendary Gem Box, Epic Divinity, and Divinity Shard...

2. By doing tasks/buying EXP to level up the Scroll, the character can unlock many exclusive rewards.

3. Tasks are classified into daily, weekly and challenging tasks. In which daily and weekly missions will be refreshed daily and weekly, challenge missions will be refreshed every time a new season starts.

4. Refresh time daily is 5:00, weekly is 5:00 on every Monday.

5. The last 2 weeks of the season, the weekly quest will become a cyclic quest, the Adventurer can complete multiple times to get more EXP. 

6. New servers open during the middle of the Scroll Season, the EXP from the task will be buffed. The closer the opening time is to the end of the Scroll Season, the higher the buff will be.

7.  The Wandering Order received during the season will be deleted at the end. 

This season’s exclusive rewards: 

  • Fashion - Office Elite
  • Back Accessory - Striving Chicken 

There are also countless attractive items that Adventurers can get: Rebirth Seal, Wandering Order, Legendary Gem, Bound Divine Jade, Twin Koi, Zhuque Talisman, Divinity Shard, Mystical Dice - Legendary, Flower Dew, Guild Contribution, Baihu Soul, Rhino Horns, Divinity... 

Capture the Flag Shop Closure

As previously announced, after the maintenance period for this version 1.4 update is completed, the Territory Store will officially close.

From now on, the rewards from the Capture the Flag will be received directly when participating in this activity instead of using points to exchange for the items. If the Adventurer still has leftover points, kindly use them immediately. 

Adjusting the Familiar’s Talent Feature

The Level Requirement to unlock the Familiar Talents have been adjusted to Lv.45 instead of Lv.16 previously. Moreover, the Adventurer will now also need to increase the level of their Familiars to unlock their corresponding talents.

Note: After the update, any previous progress the Adventurer has on each of their Familiar’s Talents will remain the same. The Adventurer will only need to complete the Tutorial - “Familiar’s Talent” to reactivate and continue using the feature. 

Adjustments on Level Requirement of Some Features

  • Familiar’s Spirit Item: Character Lv.65 (previously Lv.16) 
  • Guild Practice: Character Lv.47 (previously Lv.33) 

Note: After the update, any previous progress the Adventurer made will remain intact. The Adventurer will only need to complete the corresponding Tutorial after reaching the required level to reactivate and continue using the feature.


  • Fixed the respective accessory reward from SSR Familiars Pulpa and Angelica 
  • Fixed the error of not being able to equip and undo the Divinity 
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when playing an instrument while moving 
  • Fixed translation errors