Maintenance Notice & Content Update - Swords and F ...
News 15-03-2023

We're thrilled to announce the first major update for Revelation - Infinite Journey since its launch. This March, get ready for exciting new features which includes fresh gameplay options, new fashion, and much more.

Couture Event - Weaver's Dream - A Song of Sword a ...
News 16-03-2023

Today, Xiao Yu would like to present a masterpiece from the Couture Event - Weaver's Dream - A Song of Sword and Flower

Event - Take the Shoots!
News 16-03-2023

The "Take the Shoots!" event has begun! This event offers a lot of gifts and allows Adventurers to have fun with their Cloudsong buddies!

Vogue Event - Captivating Night Wing
News 09-03-2023

Xiao Yu would like to provide everyone the following information regarding the Vogue Event - Captivating Night Wings

Special Gifts Happy Mar 8
News 07-03-2023

In celebration of the International Women's Day, Xiao Yu would like to wish all of us a day full of joy and happiness. Xiao Yu also prepared a small promotion event for all Adventurers ^^