Maintenance Notice & Content Update - Swords and Flowers

Dear adventurers,

We're thrilled to announce the first major update for Revelation - Infinite Journey since its launch. This March, get ready for exciting new features which includes fresh gameplay options, new fashion, and much more. 

Maintenance Details

Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance is scheduled to start on March 16th at 08:00 (GMT+7) and is expected to last up to two hours. We’ll be sure to notify you via the App or through our Facebook page.

Compensation Gifts:

Adventurers will receive 188 Bound Divine Jade as compensation for the maintenance, which will be sent through the in-game mail. In case maintenance is extended, every additional hour of maintenance, players will receive 100 extra Bound Divine Jade as compensation. 

How to Update Your Client:

  • PC: Close the game, Restart the Launcher, Choose Update.”
  • iOS: Launch the game, complete the update download according to the in-game notice.
  • Android: Launch the game, complete the update download according to the in-game notice.

If you encounter any issues during the installation, please contact our Player Support, and we will help you to resolve your problems

Content Update:

[Fashion] Weaver’s Dream: A Song of Swords and Flowers

    • Duration: From 05:00, 16/03/2023 đến 05:00 - 15/06/2023
    • Content:

Players will have a chance to own the fashion set “A Song of Swords & Flowers”. This set will be obtainable through the Weaver’s Dream Gacha Interface. It will come with its own exclusive character effects. 

Event Details:

  • A full set of "Song & Flower" fashion items (obtained individually) include: Skin, Weapon Skins, Head Ornament, Face Ornament, Back Ornament, and Wings. 
    • In addition, players have a chance to earn other items that will help them in their journey such as: Weaver’s Ticket, Divinity Shards, Divinity Bag, Lethe Stone, and Moon Spirit Soul

  • From Mar 16th, players will be able to purchase two (2) special gift packages:

    • Weaver’s Dream Release Gift (L) (120 Weaver’s Tickets + 15 Jade Horns + 8880000 Nimbus Coupon)
    • Weaver’s Dream Release Gift (S) (40 Weaver’s Tickets  + 200 Mystical Dice - Legendary + 100 Divinity Shards)

[PvP Feature] Martial Arts Tournament

    • Event Schedule:
      • Registration: From Mar 22nd - 13:50 to Mar 25th – 13:50 (GMT+7) 
      • Event Duration: Mar 25th - 14:00 (GMT +7) to Mar 26th 
    • Details:
      • From March onwards, players from all over SEA can participate in the monthly in-game tournament called: Martial Arts Tournament. It will happen on the 3rd week of every month.
      • Players can compete with each other to prove their skills and gain very valuable.
      • [Note] The first Monday of every month will be counted as the start of the First week. 

1. Assemble Your Team: 

Each team can have a maximum of seven (7) members, including five (5) main players and two (2) backup players. Within a team, there can be a maximum of two members from the same class.

2. Registration Rules:

“Martial Arts Tournament” will group teams according to their levels. Adventurers can only register for the correct level that fits their character level. If for some reason, your level becomes different from the time you registered for the activities, that registration will be nulled.

Registration opens every Wednesday of the tournament week and closes every Saturday at 13:50 (GMT+7).

3. Tournament Rules:

“Martial Arts Tournament” will be divided into two rounds: Elimination & Final Showdown. The Top 16 teams from the Elimination Round will compete in the Final Showdown.

At 14:00 (GMT+7) on Saturday the Elimination Round will Start.

At 14:00 (GMT+7) on Sund ay the Final Showdown will Start. 

4.  Elimination Round Rules:

Players will fight to earn points, and the number of rounds (from 4 to 6 rounds) will depend on the number of registered teams. For the first two rounds, teams will be matched randomly, and from the 3rd round, teams with close scores will be matched with each other.

Each round consists of 3 matches (Best of 3), in the following order: 3vs3 then 5vs5 then 1vs1 (For the 1v1 & 3v3, the same players cannot compete in both matches).

Each round consists of 3 matches (Best of 3), in the following order: 3vs3 then 5vs5 then 1vs1 (For the 1v1 & 3v3, the same players cannot compete in both matches).

For teams with equal score, ranking will be done according to: Number of kills, then average Battle Rating. 

5. Final Showdown Rules:

The Top 16 teams will be divided into two groups: the Winner Bracket and the Loser Bracket. Each group will consist of 8 teams.

The teams in the Loser Bracket will be eliminated immediately if they lose a match. The winner of the match will advance to the Winner Bracket to compete with the teams there. 

The teams in the Winner Bracket will have a chance to compete in the Loser Bracket if they lose once. However, if they lose again in the Loser Bracket, they will be eliminated.

Each round will consist of 5 matches (Best of 5), in the following order: 3vs3, 5vs5, and 1vs1. (For the 1v1 & 3v3, the same players cannot compete in both matches).

Note: Teams must have at least 3 members in the preparation or the rest area in order to qualify for the next match.

6. Match Rules:

A team wins when they have defeated all members of the opponent team.

If both teams still have players standing after a timeout, the winner will be determined by the number of players still alive from each team and then by the amount of damage each team did.

During the match, Spirit Shapers can only use their skill to Resurrect themselves twice or their teammates once.

7. Reward:

Based on your ranking, rewards will include valuable items such as: Jade Horn, Great Treasure Shards, Ultimate Skill Book, Familiar Shards...

Mini-gameplay: Take the Shoots

    • Duration: From Mar 16th to 05:00 (GMT+7) Mar 22nd
    • Content:

    This is a mini-game players can enjoy for the duration of the events and win rewards to help them on their adventures:

    How to play: Players can choose to play individually or in teams. Then all players will be divided into 3 teams/faction, proceed to win bamboo shoots and compete against each other to steal each other's Bamboo Shoots. But beware of the Fake Bamboo Shoots that the other team may use to trick you! Each match lasts 3 minutes and the winner will be decided based on points. 1 bamboo shoot = 1 point and if you are carrying a Bamboo Shoot, you will earn 5 extra points! 

    Rewards include: Divinity Shards, Slacker Token, Lollipop.


    1)  Endless Rifts - Level 60

      • Weekly Schedule: Start from 8:00 on Thursday (GMT+7) until 23:59 (GMT+7) every Sunday
      • Contents:

    In this content update, we are excited to announce the Boss Rush Dungeon: Endless Rifts! In this game mode, players can challenge increasingly difficult bosses with custom modifiers. To earn Stars, players only need to lower the Boss's HP to a certain threshold. The more bosses you fight, the more Stars you earn. At the end of each week, players will be rewarded based on the number of Stars they've accumulated.

    This game mode does not limit the number of tries, but each player will only be rewarded once per week.

    Once open, the Rifts level will not scale with server level. Endless Rift Lv60 will have mobs at Lv60. The level of Endless Rifts will only increase when we release them.

    2) Shrine - Godslayer Difficulty:

      • Timeline: Servers that satisfy the open condition for 25 days or more will be able to start participating in this dungeon 
      • Contents:
        • Recommended Battle Rating: 60.000 
        • Team: 3-5 players 
        • Monster Lvl 69

    In this content update, Shrine Dungeon, Godslayer Difficulty will be opened to challenge your skills as well as team working ability. This is the hardest Difficulty for each dungeon Revelation has to offer, as such, the rewards will also be very valuable for the brave adventurers who are able to clear this difficulty.

    Daily Gift Package

    In this content update, we will add additional in-game packages to help you with your experience. You will be able to find the packages in the in-game shop:

    Package Daily Special Gift Daily Return Gift Daily Featured Gift
    Condition Reach level 60 Reach Level 70 Reach Level 60
    Price (USD) $0.99 $1.99 $2.99

    Items (Everyday players can buy 1 out of 4 available package)

    Divine Jade x60 

    Nimbus Coupon Goody Bag 660K x2 

    Energy Potion (Large) (100 point) x3

    Divine Jade x120 

    Legendary Gem x2 

    Eternal Seal x1

    Divine Jade x180 

    Refinement Pack x2 

    Legendary Gem x2

    Divine Jade x60 

    Nimbus Coupon Goody Bag 660K x2 

    Divinity Shards x50

    Divine Jade x120 

    Legendary Gem x2 

    Purple Divinity Optional Vault (50 Fragments) x2

    Divine Jade x180 

    Refinement Pack x2 

    Purple Divinity Optional Vault (50 Fragments) x2

    Divine Jade x60 

    Nimbus Coupon Goody Bag 660K x2 

    Weaver's Ticket x1

    Divine Jade x120 

    Legendary Gem x2 

    Cloud Jades x2

    Divine Jade x180 

    Refinement Pack x2 

    Divinity Option -  Titan x1

    Divine Jade x60 

    Nimbus Coupon Goody Bag 660K x2 

    Mystical Dice (Legendary) x30

    Divine Jade x120 

    Legendary Gem x2 

    Soul Breeder Crystal x80

    Divine Jade x180 

    Refinement Pack x2 

    Refinement Talisman Option Pack x1

    Or players can buy a 7-combo package ($34.99) to receive one of each package for 7 days.

    Changes to the schedule of Capture the Flag Game Mode:

    From this content update onwards, servers that have been open for more than 14 days, will be able to participate in the activity Guild - Capture the Flag each Saturday Night.

    Bug Fixes and Update

    • Bug Fix - Players were unable to "Skip" the Adventurers' Guild Elevator Scene
    • Bug Fix - NPC was disabled, preventing players from learning how to play the guitar
    • Bug Fix - Activity time was not properly displayed
    • Bug Fix – UI Text overflow
    • Added Localization for in-game books
    • And other UI/UX optimization

    Best Regards,

    Xiao Yu~