Dear Adventurer,

Dear Adventurer, Super Patch 1.8 | Sweet Moments will officially launch on September 21st, 2023, with a fantastic collaboration between Revelation and the super-famous SANRIO CHARACTERS IP. Along with it comes the long-awaited Marriage System and a series of exciting features and events that you won't want to miss!   


Maintenance Duration:

Maintenance will begin on September 21st at 07:00 (GMT+7) and is expected to be completed within 3 hours.

Compensation Gifts:

288 Bound Divine Jade will be sent to the in-game mail of all Adventurers. For each additional hour of maintenance beyond the expected duration, Adventurers will receive an additional 100 Bound Divine Jade.

Client Update Instruction:

1. PC: After closing the game, reopen the launcher and click on the update button.

2. iOS: After entering the game, complete the update follow in-game announcement.

3. Android: After entering the game, complete the update follow in-game announcement.

If you encounter any updating issues, please contact customer service, we will assist you in resolving them.


Revelation X SANRIO CHARACTERS Collaboration

1. Introduction:

Patch 1.8 "Sweet Moments" welcomes a limited collaboration event – Revelation x SANRIO CHARACTERS Cinnamoroll and Kuromi, with a series of exclusive content you won't want to miss.

2. Collaboration Content:

A. Collaboration Outfits "Revelation x SANRIO CHARACTERS"

The collaborative outfits for Revelation x SANRIO CHARACTERS include "Cinnamoroll Dream" and "Kuromi Fantasy"
Release Timeline:
  • The “Cinamoroll Dream" Vogue Event will be released officially from September 21st to 5:00 on October 5th, 2023 (GMT +7).
  • The "Kuromi Fantasy " Vogue Event will be released soon.
The "Cinnamoroll Dream" outfit set includes the following items:
  • Fashion - Cinnamoroll Dream
  • Hairstyle - White Fluff
  • Back Accessory - Cinnamoroll Backpack
  • Head Accessory - Flappy Ears
  • Pendant - Cloud Bouquet
  • Wings - Up, Up and Away!

Other items can be received: Seide Ticket, Mystical Dice (Legendary), Nimbus Coin, Legendary Gem Vault, Narwhale Oath.

Cost: 1 time for 28 Divine Jade, 10 spins for 280 Divine Jade, 100 spins for 2,800 Divine Jade

B. Event Theme " Brilliantly Cute"

Duration Time: From September 21st to October 5th, 2023, 05:00 (GMT +7).
Series of Events including:
  • Treasure Hunt: Collect all 14 scattered puzzle pieces on various maps to complete the colorful SANRIO CHARACTERS picture. Rewards can be obtained: 1 Avatar Frame, 200 Party Cake.
  • Starry Paradise: Adventurers completing daily quests will receive Party Cake that can be exchanged for extremely valuable items.
  • Lovely Gift: During the event period, Lucky Money Rain will start at 12:00, 15:00, and 18:00 every day, and Adventurers will have a chance to get items such as Nimbus Coin, Nimbus Coupon, Party Cake.
  • Prayer Music Box: During the event, using Prayer Music Box to pray and receive rewards Party Cake.
  • Dream Exchange: Complete daily event Pool Party receive 2 Watermelon Sweet, Fallen Star Field 3 Watermelon Sweet, Staeon City Realm receive 15 Watermelon Sweet.
  • Use Watermelon Sweet to exchange items: Head - Flappy Ears, Head - Mischievous Beauty, Sugar Dream - Balloons 1/2, Sugar Dream - Standee 1/2

C. SANRIO CHARACTERS Furniture Collection:

  • Introducing a new furniture collection: "Sugar Dream"
  • Release Date: September 21st, 2023.
  • Duration Time: September 21st December 21st 2023.
  • How to obtain: Through Base Coins, Divine Jade and events related to the SANRIO theme event.
  • Achievements: Collect all 6 types of SANRIO CHARACTERS Doll furniture and 6 types of SANRIO CHARACTERS Standee to receive the Sugar Dream – Embrace Furniture

The furniture collection includes:

  • Sugar Dream - Balloons 1/2
  • Sugar Dream – Standee 1/2/3/4/5/6
  • Sugar Dream - Frosty
  • Sugar Dream - Warmth
  • Sugar Dream - Mocha Cup
  • Sugar Dream - Cappuccino and Milk Cup
  • Sugar Dream - Chiffon Cup
  • Sugar Dream - Cinnamoroll Cup

Introducing the Marriage System:

1. Introduction

  • The Marriage System is one of the gameplays features that many Adventurers have been eagerly awaiting. Now, Revelation’s venue is ready to witness the love between blossoming couples, providing Adventurers with the most authentic experience.
  • The Marriage System is divided into two parts: proposals and weddings, recreating the entire marriage process for the most realistic experience.

2. Proposals:

Revelation offers adventurers two incredibly romantic proposal methods: "Oath Flower" and "Eternal Ring."

  • Oath Flower Proposal: This item costs 5,200,000 Nimbus Coins and may be obtained from the Glamorous Store. After teaming up with a Covenant companion, stand under the Tree of Reunion [coordinates 327, 437] with your beloved and use the item to activate a romantic proposal ceremony.
  • Eternal Ring Proposal: Adventurers use Divine Jade to purchase the Eternal Ring (priced at 999 Divine Jade) in the Glamorous Store. Use the item to instantly activate the proposal ceremony.

Note: Because the outfit worn during the proposal will be set as the default fashion for Adventurers while getting engaged, changing your outfit afterward will not be allowed. So, in case of a surprise proposal, Adventurers should always dress to impress.

3. Engagement Series of Missions:

  • After the proposal, Adventurers and their beloved must complete a couple tasks. These small challenges are to test the love between adventurers~
  • After completing these tasks, adventurers will receive a Soulmate Card, used to activate the wedding ceremony.

4. Wedding Ceremony:

  • Couples will choose a venue for their wedding ceremony, either "Eternal Moment" or "Sugar Dream." The "Eternal Moment" style takes place at the Sea of Truth, with a reservation fee of 1314 Divine Jade. The "Sugar Dream" style is set on Hoveria with a SANRIO CHARACTERS theme, with a reservation fee of 5200 Divine Jade.
  • Afterward, couples will design invitations and send them to friends. There's a limit of 40 invitations, but adventurers can invite more guests by sharing public invitations on the Global Channel to make the wedding livelier.
  • To proceed with the wedding ceremony, 520 Blessing Points are required.
  • During the wedding, couples can choose various activities such as set off Fireworks, scattering Candies, and giving Lucky Money.

5. Rewards:

  • Unlock Wedding Dress/ Wedding Suit, which can be bought through the store.
  • Exclusive title.
  • Exclusive wedding ring icon.

6. Note:

  • The Sweet Sugar wedding ceremony is a collaboration between REVELATION X SANRIO CHARACTERS, so it is only available from September 21st, 2023, to December 21st, 2023.


1. Introduction

  • UR Familiar - Sakura possesses high attack power, effective healing, and a high defense, with the ability to attack multiple targets through AOE skill execution. This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Familiar!
  • Sakura is one of the 4 Divine Beasts that are founders of the Spirit Realm. Sakura has the ability to control powerful life force, which can enhance the physicality of other creatures or slow down the aging process.

2. Background:

  • Sakura’s compassion and benevolence originate from years of cultivation alongside the Qingdi Emperor since childhood. Although not in agreement with the belief in immortality, Sakura is highly interested in the soul studies of the Heidi Emperor.
  • Around 1100 years ago, Sakura sacrificed her companion to protect Jade Qilin Wood against the Turbulence’s onslaught.
  • Then, she decided to offer the rest of her life to the Underworld just to resurrect her companion she once cherished. But as Sakura's soul was on the verge of extinction, Queen of Underworld Taiya signed a pact with Sakura, resurrecting her as the Familiar.

3. Characteristics:

  • Attribute: Spirit
  • Specialities: Long-range Magic attack
  • Position: Attack Familiar
  • Suitable with all Classes

4. How to obtain:

  • Through Sakura Gacha Event and Jade Qilin Treasure Hunt.


1. Introduction:

  • Summon familiars to join the battle, level reduce same as monsters' level, defeat all the monsters within the time limit to win. The shorter the time to win the battle, the higher the stars you will get, up to 3 stars. At least 1-star clearance is needed before you can challenge the next stage. Each stage has some level blessings, which can be activated by meeting a specific lineup.

2. Rewards:

  • First Clearance Rewards: Adventurers will receive rich rewards for the first clearance and can challenge as many times as they want to get a higher star rating.
  • Star Rating Rewards: You can receive accumulated star rating rewards in the interface. The higher the star rating, the more rewards.
  • Ranking Rewards: After the event, the players in the server will be ranked according to this week's clearance speed of Stage 10, and the top players can get rich ranking rewards.


In the 4th season of Scroll Wonderland, when purchasing the Premium - Battle Pass at level 1, you can unlock the Moonlight in Autumn - Fashion. Completing missions can level up your Battle Pass and earn you enticing rewards such as Hair Accessory - Little Yellow Bird and many other special items.

1. Duration:

  • From 25.09 05:00 to 02.11.2023 05:00 (GMT +7).
  • Please note: The Operations Team would like to inform you that Scroll Wonderland will end earlier compared to previous seasons. As a result, adventurers will receive compensation for Battle Pass through in-game mail on October 26, 2023.

2. Type of Missions:

Quests are divided into: Daily Mission, Weekly Mission and Battle Mission. Daily Mission and Weekly Mission will be refreshed daily, and weekly And Seasonal Battle Mission will be refreshed at the beginning of every season.

3. Refresh Time:

Daily Mission will refresh at 05:00 daily; Weekly Mission will refresh at 05:00 every Monday. Within the last 2 weeks of the season, Weekly Mission will be changed to Repeated Mission, players can complete it repeated to earn Battle Pass EXP.

For servers unlocked during the season, when obtaining Battle Pass EXP from missions, you may get EXP bonus. The closer the server opening time is to the end of the season, the higher the bonus will be given.

Note: Wandering Orders obtained during the season will be cleared at the end of the season. Please use it in time.

Adventurers can use Wandering Order to draw previous Outfits (Level of Battle Pass need to reach required Level to exchange for those items, besides, Legendary Gem, Legendary Divinity, Epic Divinity, Divinity Shards and other rare items can also be obtained by using Wandering Orders.

4. Rewards:

  • Fashion - Autumn
  • Back Accessory - Donut
  • Head Accessory - Shaddock Bird
  • Other valuable items: Wandering Orders, Rebirth Seal, Legendary Gem, Bound Divine Jade, Twin Koi, Zhuque Talisman, Divinity Shards, Mystical Dice (Legendary), Flower Dew, Guild Contribution, Rhino Horn, Divinity, etc


1. Introduction:

  • Ultimate Enlightenment can enhance Ultimate skills, making them more effective.
  • Enlightenment Level: There are a total of 30 levels of Enlightenment. Each level will add certain attributes depending on each Class. Achieving level 10, level 20, and level 30 will unlock additional breakthrough effects for Enlightenment.

2. Enlightenment Requirement:

  • VUltimate skills need to be at level 25.
  • Except for the initial 1-star Ultimate skill, all subsequent Ultimate skills require Enlightenment Level to be at least level 19 or higher.

3. Items require for Enlightenment:

  • Enlightenment requires Enlightenment Book (Basic), Enlightenment Book (Intermediate), Enlightenment Book (Advanced), 1 Star Enlightenment Fruit Shard, 2 Star Enlightenment Fruit Shard, 3 Star Enlightenment Fruit Shard, 1-Star Awakening Fruit, 2-Star Awakening Fruit, and 3-Star Awakening Fruit.


1. Introduction:

  • New Floor in Spirit Tower has been unlocked, Adventurers can now challenge themself with completely new Boss - Chille the Greedy Wolf.
  • Chief of the Greedy Wolf Clan from the Savage Wild Land in Sprit Realm. Wolf King is brutal and patient and is adept at observing and utilizing his enemy's weakness, which is perfectly shown in his defeat of Bloodhorn King.

2. Details:

  • Requirement Level: 40
  • Required Team: 3-5 Adventurers
  • Battle Rating Recommendation: 190000
  • Monster level: 95
  • Rewards: Supreme Order (Moon), Tough Crystal Essence, Divinity Shards


1. Phantom Prison (Hard):
A. Boss Information:
  • Mutated Ravager:
  • Introduction: Failed experiment from mysterious lab.
  • Boss Skills: Famish Slash, Corrupting Slash, Corrosive Fluid, Desperate Spin Strike, Poison Vines, Corruption Sweep, Hunger Barrier.
  • Registrar:
  • Introduction: Initiator of the Prison Incident. His identity is shrouded in mystery.
  • Boss Skills: Soul Strike, Soul crushing Formation, Soul Chaser, Blood Dragon Transformation, Demonic Missiles, Soul Harvester, Soul Departure, Soul Blast.

B. Note:

  • Level required: 90
  • Required Team: 3-5 Adventurers
  • Battle Rating Recommendation: 100000
  • Monster level: 90-99
  • Rewards: Fiery Scale, Unique Equipment, Supreme Order (Moon), Soul Breeder Crystal-Baihu

2.Academy (Normal):
A. Background

  • The Scripture Academy was founded by Liu Zhenyan and is a specialized institution for the study of Scripture and Divine Power. Successive emperors of Cloudsong have come here to study, and it is through the Academy that the secrets of the Cloudsong imperial family and the curse of the royal bloodline were discovered. The current head of the Scripture Academy, Yuwen Jue, has been researching and has found that the curse of the royal bloodline seems to be related to the "Turbulence"… And the adventurers invited to Scripture Academy have discovered two different aspects of Yuwen Jue.

B. Note:

  • Level required: 90
  • Required Team: 3-5 Adventurers
  • Battle Rating Recommendation: 80000
  • Monster level: 90-99
  • Dungeon rewards: The number of rewards is refreshed at 5:00 every day, and all Normal dungeons share the same number of rewards. Completing dungeon can reward you with Soul Breeder-Zhuque, Fiery Scale Points, Legendary Equipment, Unique Equipment Level 85 - 95


  • Requirement: Level 90.
  • Team from 3-5 people.
  • Endless Rift's Skills: Like A Shadow, Blast Gem.
  • Additional Talent Skill: Adventurers can choose 3 from those skills: Dedicated, Weakening, Time Limit, Time Sandglass, Victory Rush, Life reviving Flower, and Belittle.
  • Rewards: Enlightenment requires Enlightenment Book (Basic), Enlightenment Book (Intermediate), Enlightenment Book (Advanced), 1 Star Enlightenment Fruit Shard, 2 Star Enlightenment Fruit Shard, 3 Star Enlightenment Fruit Shard, 1-Star Awakening Fruit, 2-Star Awakening Fruit, and 3-Star Awakening Fruit.


  • Phantasm Level 10 appear in Hoveria.
  • Level Requirement: 40.
  • Required Team: 3-5 people.
  • Battle Rating: 140,000.
  • Timeline: 11:00 - 24:00 GMT+7 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week.
  • Rewards: Can only claim up to 3 times.
  • Activity Points: 15 Points.
  • Rewards: Legendary Gem, Random Unique Equipment, Mystical Dice (Legendary), Refinement Stones...


  • Fix Skill Effect Bugs in Staeon City Realm